Smile katy perry 1
Smile katy perry 1

As millions of fans around the world continue to revel and enjoy the beautiful sound she creates, Kathryn Hudson, popularly chanted by her millions of loyal fans around the world as Katy Perry, has once again taken the musical scene by storm with her latest album, ‘Smile’. Katy rose quite brilliantly to fame in 2010 with her smash hit, ‘Teenage Dream’. It has been 10 years after that record and Katy has managed to keep her relevance at the top of the musical hierarchy.

Since 2008, Katy has managed an impressive nine songs that have ranked number one. Some of those hits includes; ‘California Girls’, ‘Roar’ and ‘Teenage Dream’. In 2017, Katy dropped her album; ‘Witness’, which she hoped would shed a little light into her creative ability. The album ‘Witness’ however, did not gain as much world wide acceptance as Katy would have hoped, especially among the pop music community. To once again steal the musical spotlight, Katy released her latest album ‘Smile’ on the 28th of August 2020.

While working on this new album, Katy taps into her well of creativity to produce several masterpieces. Although she was pregnant while putting together the project, Katy notes in a press conference, “It’s nuts to even think about it, right in the middle of the pandemic, right in the middle of an election year and right in the middle of the evolution of a race, I was able to put this together. Thankfully, I had done most of the hard work already in March.”

The 35-year-old superstar reveals one of the brilliant minds behind this project. She notes that after working on the project earlier this year, she had to set up a bedroom studio to complete the project as a result of the unexpected happenings in the world right now.

The album ‘Smile’ has a variety of songs that spreads hope and love at this time when it is needed the most. Katy notes some deeper meanings to the lyrics of some hit songs on the album. On the track ‘Only Love’, Katy talks about events that might follow when life presents us with an unpredictable card. She says, “When life presents us with that curve ball, what would be your response. To find a strategy? Or change priorities?”

For the track ‘What Makes a Woman’ Katy takes us on a journey into the different phases of a woman’s life that defines her. Katy notes that her own journey during the period of her life when she wrote the song was her biggest motivation. The pop star in an interaction with an international daily said, “While writing the song ‘What Makes a Woman’, I wanted to convey the journey I went through to get to a place of surrender and acceptance. Even now I’m currently in my last trimester of pregnancy, the adaptability and diversity of women is ever so glaring.”

Long before she was a pop star, Kathryn Hudson released a very angsty, but at the same time ecstatic record in the Christian-rock genre. Although ‘Smile’ is lacking in the alt-rock department, it mostly still carries a presence that is only synonymous with Katy Perry and establishes to her fans the known fact about Katy’s musical consistency.

This album has been for years anticipated by Katy’s ever growing fans and supporters. In addition to displaying Katy’s musical dexterity, ‘Smile’ comes at a very timely period when the world battles an enemy like never before. And with it, a message of hope, love and assurance of better days ahead, so that no matter what we face now, one day we will all ‘Smile’.

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