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WhatsApp Image 2020 08 15 at 2.28.07 PM

One of the most authentic and honest songwriters from the Northeast, Abdon Mech from Dimapur in Nagaland is all set and ready to drop his new single titled Again on all major streaming platforms on Sunday. The song is as candid as it gets, as it comprehends the life of the frontline workers and all the people included in the battle against the global pandemic triggered by the novel coronavirus.

Mech brings in the harmony and also strikes the listeners’ heart with his syrupy and sagacious lyrics, which pulls their attention. His earlier releases such as Carpe Diem and Taking My Heart, Abdon Mech have already blown away tons of listeners in the virtual world.

While having a quick telephonic conversation with VibesMojo, Mech spilled on why he wrote the song, “The pandemic has affected people from all walks of life and so the song is written from these multiple perspectives such as healthcare workers, ambulance drivers, policemen, musicians, the common man, to name a few. I guess the aim is to try and view the new reality by putting myself in their shoes and tell their stories for them.”

Tagged along with the beautiful melody of his guitar, Mech has been spilling some of the most genuine songs on the Internet and has been garnering huge responses from people. When asked how exciting the process of writing the new song was, Mech said: “It was exciting because I hadn’t written a song in almost two months and it was the longest I had gone without writing. It felt very honest doing this and not forced. It was both exciting and a relief getting back to writing from within.”

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The song which was recorded at his small home set-up and then later mixed and mastered by his friend Wati Imchen would be released on all major streaming platforms on Sunday. Mech has also plans to release his debut EP in coming months, which his listeners are eagerly waiting for.

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