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What is the best way to bring in hard-hitting topics like Indian political turmoil, religious disparity, class divide, the historic divide all in one? Why compose a rap song of course.

That’s what the Leo Boys, two emcees spreading the art of hip hop from Shillong, Meghalaya has done. Also, add on a monologue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose right at the end talking about taking responsibility for the great nation we call India and you get a perfect song that is enough to make you go all gaga.

The song entitled Gumnam (Unknown) is the brainchild of two rappers now residing in Kolkata; Sagnik Choudhury aka Hulky Boyy and Soumyadeep Dasgupta aka El_Deepo. After being in the Indian rap scene for four years and working on over fifty projects so far, Leo Boys has accumulated their niche of fans which can account for the 4.1k subscribers in their YouTube channel.

“This is the first of the 15 songs that we will release in our debut album Resurrect,” said Choudhury. The name Resurrect has a deeper connotation for the artist as both of them had been a part of an established crew before starting their independent channel. “We had to leave that crew due to some internal dispute and lack of respect hence we are starting from Ground Zero,” said the rapper.

The hard-hitting lyrics of the track talks about various issues of the present Indian scenario and how the nation still overcomes it with responsibility, courage, and indomitable strength as showcased by Netaji. Lyrics like main mandir aur masjid mein matha tek aaya / phir laddu aur biriyani dono main khaya / dharam anek / par desh hain ek (I pay my respects to both a temple and a mosque/ ate both laddu; a sweet dish which is usually associated with the Hindu religion and Biriyani; dish usually associated with the Islamic community/ there are many religions in just this one nation) showcases that India is a shining example of unity amidst diversity.

“Even the songs in the album will have three different dialects and will be a fusion of different takes on the hip hop culture as a whole,” said the artist. When asked about one word to describe their album the boys promptly replied, “Guts.”

The song is out on Spotify now

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