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A good song always has the innate capacity to draw your pain and boredom out and make you sway to its beats. With the COVID-19 pandemonium, it is often difficult to find a moment of peace, fun or even tranquility. At times like these, mental peace and to be able to zone out all the negativities becomes very essential. These new northeast music releases by Northeast musicians will keep you grooving during lockdown

Well, music has that power to do so. Beethoven himself once said “Music can change the world,” so there is obviously no need to elaborate the power of music any further. However, this “ain’t no plain ol” listicle of old songs that you need to listen to for these are new releases form the artist across the Northeastern states that have had its release during the lockdown. 

So pop those earbuds on, zone out the chaotic world and groove to these Northeast music

No Reason- Kaysee, Basshole

This is a ‘brand new’ song that was released on April 11 and has already found its mention in many of the Instagram stories. The low key beats by Basshole (Mandeep Taro), the hypnotic, groovy music with the equally psychedelic voice of Kaysee (Kabyshree Bora) is enough to bring out those hidden dance moves. With over 2k views within just hours of its release, this song is a must-listen during this lockdown.

Take My Time- MOZZEY x MKT Feat Various Artists

This song is specifically a lockdown project, i.e. a collaboration featuring popular music artists from Northeast like Alobo Naga, Tetseo Sisters, Big Dane, Mar Jamir of Polar Lights and Virie along with upcoming trending artists TK Lemtur and Temsu Clover. The collective worked together on a virtual collaboration for the quarantine project where each artist wrote their own original lyrics separately and recorded their individual parts (Audio And Visual) using their phones, providing creative freedom to each artist. These parts were collected and weaved together by Mozzey and MKT.  Garnering a whopping total of 10k plus views within just 24 hours of its release this upbeat funky song is enough to get you dancing to its beats the whole day.

Chasing Ghosts- Alobo Naga ft Moto

Prior to collaborating with fellow artists for ‘Take My Time’ Alobo Naga had released another single that provides a surreal and deeply layered experience. The music couples with equally mystifying visuals that makes the song a must on your lockdown new release playlist. This song with its perfect blend of music, storytelling and eye-catchy visual effects has already garnered 34k views on YouTube so far. 

Ohe- Tetseo Sisters

A song that celebrates life celebrates friendship and making memories along with is another must on your playlist. The upbeat funky music with a touch of tradition is something the sisters are always famous for and they did not disappoint this time either. A song celebrating friends, friendship and happy times and how in the company of loved ones, time just flies.

Baartalaap- Shankuraj Konwar & Maitrayee Patar

A song that was conceptualized by two singers during after college discussions is a go-to song during these times of lockdown. The music with its raw laid-back vibe and layered lyrics makes you want to listen to it over and over again. This song talks about the disability to express our thoughts which runs wild in our heads and a conversation is never enough to get it out.

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