The New Year marked a new beginning for Deepak Sharma. Deepak always harboured a huge passion for music. But the pressures of daily life, the asks to take care of a family with a daughter and a son, did not allow him to live his passion, his dream of becoming a music composer. Finally on January 1 this year, Deepak managed to release his first song Rootha Rootha-D.  And within hours of its release got over 1k views on YouTube.

He and some of his friends got together and started jamming on the song Rootha Rootha-D which was his compositionWithout wasting any more time he took his guitar and stood in the bustling street of MG Marg, Sikkim and serenaded the onlookers there, belting out one powerful lyrical line after the other (check the video below if you do not believe me).

Such was the case of Deepak Sharma, a 43-year-old electrical engineer from the power plant of Sikkim. Father of two, family to take care of, office life and with the common add on’s of the daily life, Sharma felt his passion for music slipping away. While slipping into a quicksand of unknown depths of the society and work Sharma had an epiphany. “I also matter,” said Sharma and taking this as his motto from here on he recorded and released his first song Rootha Rootha-D.

The engineer cum musician is always inspired by the stories of the friends that surround him and tries to give a soulful touch to it. “The younger generation of today is more focused on creating music that has a lot of noise. I prefer music which has a soul and gives you peace and solace as soon as you turn it on,” added Sharma.

Deepak Sharma is not a newbie in the media scenario for during his college days he has done many gigs in and around Delhi. There he and his like-minded friends formed a band La Vida Amor which has performed for Pepsi Campus Rock in the year 1996. The band has also performed in FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) and Siri Fort Auditorium in Delhi.

Screengrab from the feature film Helen

Now, to say that he has just focused on the music scene during his yesteryear will be nothing but a lie. The musician has also experimented in the scene of fashion as a model and filmography as an actor. From short films to feature films to even auditioning in Bollywood films, Sharma has ‘done n dusted’ it as well. 

Deepak Sharma during his modelling years

But with a degree in engineering and the responsibility of the family in his mind, Deepak Sharma had to keep all his passions and ideas in a hiatus. Years later, with the added responsibility of jobs and his own family, the jack-of-all-trades had to sacrifice his passions. 

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“When will my dreams come true? Don’t I matter?” these questions plagued Sharma for a long time. “I have everything, yet something felt missing, something was empty,” said Sharma and so he finally decided to answer his calling; music. Being popular or being hit doesn’t matter anymore said, Sharma. “As long as I feel like I am answering my passion without sacrificing my responsibilities towards my family and my job, I feel satisfied,” he added.

Screengrab from the short film Replacement

Sharma is always inspired by the compositions and songs of the Jai Ho singer AR Rahman. “It’s a mystery how he can imbibe the spirit of ethereal and yet give us such melodic renditions,” said the artist. One can feel the chills in the soul when Rahman puts out a number added to Sharma.

It is often said that “people with great passion can make the impossible happen,” and what better example than perfectly justifies this quote that Sharma himself. Following the call of passion after such a long pause takes a lot of courage. However, Sharma intends to keep this up for he let us in on a secret, “This is just the beginning for I have a lot more compositions up my sleeve.”  

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  1. The song indeed has a soul and gives you peace and solace as soon as you turn it on. Rock On D🎸

  2. Hi Deepak,
    It’s me Vicky (Vikrant Arora), your La Vida Amor bandmate from New Delhi. Excited to see you doing
    something significantly great in music. Congratulations for your Music single. It’s been a very long time that we lost all sorts of contacts. Today, I just searched you on Facebook and found you. Hope you are doing good. May God bless you.
    Your friend and bandmate….

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