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Yet another death in the K-pop industry is sending one of its biggest shockwaves. Leading South Korean K-pop singer, actress Choi Jin-ri aka Sulli was found dead in her home on Monday. She was just 25.

Sulli was found dead on Monday at her residence in Seongnam, South Korea. Since there was no evidence of foul play found on the scene, the authorities have also considered it to be a case of suicide. “So far, it seems she killed herself, but we will leave all possibilities open and investigate,” a police official told reporters.

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However, many fans were devastated by the news and took to social media to express their shock. One fan wrote on her Twitter page, “Sulli’s death shouldn’t be reported as a suicide but murder she was attacked constantly by ppl’s words she survived every day without crumbling down but there’s only so much a person can take may angels lead her & take her to the stars where she can stay forever shining and happy.”

The Goblin album maker was known for being outspoken and controversial in the usually glossed conformity rewarded industry. Sulli has been battling severe depression and has also spoken out against online bullying. She became a host of The Night of Hate Comments, a Korean television show in which celebrity guests discuss their reactions to malicious rumours, cyber-bullying and hateful comments.

She was a part of the all-girl K-pop band f(x) but left in 2015 to focus on her solo singing career and her acting. In an interview with Grazia in 2017, Sulli told that acting allows her to gain confidence and feel a sense of achievement for her work. 

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The life of a K-pop artist is surely hard. It takes years of training in singing and perfectly choreographed dance moves. With tight schedules and notoriously strict clauses in the contracts by the management, the glamour fiasco and the title of “idol” many artists usually give up. Be it due to some health-related issues or death straight up. Yes, death, which seems quite like a common terminology in the K-pop industry. 

Kim Jong-hyun from the hugely popular band 
SHINee, took his own life as he was suffering from severe depression and self-loathing. Incidentally, he was a close friend of Sulli. Ahn So Jin jumped from the 10th floor of her apartment as she was unable to handle the constant pressure that she was exposed to. 

Strict routines, constant tiring practice sessions, and a persona to maintain in front of their fans which at times is also dictated by the management company is a tough act. Teens or post-teens who are moulded in this highly competitive environment of K-pop usually finds no time for themselves. Add on to the fame which comes almost instantaneously, bringing in a plethora of haters with their opinions and comments, these artists usually find death to be the easy way out. To top that of their perfect facade of an “idol” makes it near impossible for anyone to know the hardships that they might be going through.

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