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If you are a total music buff and stream your music over the Internet, you would be familiar with Spotify, YouTube Music, and other music apps. These music streaming platforms debuted in India recently, bringing their huge pools of songs and playlists, along with their customised collections specially curated to suit the users in the country.

Here, we are going to share with you some major features and limitations which can help you in selecting the right music app:

YouTube Music

This music app is majorly designed for Android and iOS users. You can access more than 30 million tracks on it. You can use it for free. It also consists of YouTube Red in which users get the option to subscribe with the ad-free listing. There is an offline music option too. You can get audio-only mode wherein one can skip the video downloads. For additional features, you need to subscribe to YouTube Red. There is no option to create playlists. Based on your preferences, YouTube creates the playlist.


Amazon Music Unlimited

It is a very high in demand app and best music streaming apps in which you get access to more than ten million songs. After the subscription starts, you get access to the entire Amazon Music Unlimited catalog. This you can find through Amazon Music app or Amazon Music for Web. You get the option of a 30-day free trial. In this, you can use Amazon Music Unlimited till the last date of the trial. For prime members, discount and annual renewal options are available. It is also compatible with homegrown Echo as well as Dot wireless speakers. One account is accessible on 10 devices. It is good for people who have Amazon Prime, or an Amazon Echo. Also, it lacks the personal touch. There is no free tier option in this app.


Apple Music app

After Spotify, it is the second most subscribed and best music streaming apps. It also contains a vast library of songs. Whatever your genre is, you can find plenty of songs on the Apple Music app. Also, there are exclusive songs too which means the album which debuts on this app first. You can listen to songs offline also. It offers access to various radio stations, social media and even connected with Siri. Hence, you can shuffle songs or change the song with a voice command. It is available on Android and iOS at free of cost. But you need to subscribe after installation. Users get a free trial. The user interface is a bit complicated. You may feel that there are too many menus. Also, the search tool is not that easy to use. Certain tabs are difficult to differentiate. You do not find Apple Music in all the regions. The files on Apple music have DRM (digital rights management) protection. It means you these files come with certain limitations. If you have canceled the subscription, the music added in your library will get blocked.

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It is a people’s choice music app as it has developed a great image among music lovers. It offers both free and paid membership. In free option, you can listen to the music you love, discover new music, share it and even create your playlists. In premium, you also get a chance to listen to music in offline mode. You get to listen to songs without any ads. Also, one can play music through a car or TV. It has an easy user interface. Similar to Apple Music, Spotify is also available in limited regions. It does not have a lyrics feature now.


What are you waiting for? Install these music apps on your phone and enjoy unlimited music. Identify your favorite music app and share it. Happy listening.

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