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Love of dance is usually stemmed from the love of music. We become automatically accustomed to enjoy the dance if our favourite music is being played, according to psychology.

This is because while dancing one becomes free and release stress. On the other hand, music affects our brain and body. Intuitively, we are aware that our favourite music makes our hearts sing and eventually forces us to tap our feet or snap our fingers. Scientists have found that when we combine listening to music that we love and move our body to that song it eventually leads to mental health and happiness.

If you are planning to have a workout or exercise session, it is the best idea to put together all your favourite songs in a playlist and thus, kick start your day. You must still be thinking about the actual reason behind this.

Well, our favourite music pleases our ear and brain and ultimately leads to movement. This is the reason why our body tends to move in the form of dance and we start expressing ourselves to the tunes which we enjoy. Additionally, music activates the base of the brain known as the cerebellum. This part performs the function of coordination and is involved in the timing of the movement.

Someone has said (unknown), “When I dance, I become part of the music and the music becomes part of me”.

Yes, it is true as people believe when they hear a certain song it becomes a compulsion for them to dance. Many feel they are enveloped by the music and this is the reason their body starts to flow with the beats of the song. They go into a trance-like state and it helps them fly away from the struggle of everyday life. It affects the thought and mind of the person in a much deeper way. That is the magic of music.

In the study of music, we always come up with the question as to why we dance on certain music. There has a lot of research being done on it.

Maria Witek, a neuroscientist at Aarhus University, had researched on which songs made people turn up to the dance floor. For this, she performed an online survey. People were asked to listen to various drum patterns. Some consisted of simple rhythms whereas some had complex patterns. However, some patterns had a balance between complexity and predictability. People in the survey agreed on the third one which made them most want to tap their feet and shake their booty.

Hence, this is the reason why many songs of Michael Jackson or Pharrell are full of rhythmic structure that gets you from tapping your foot to stand out and shake your whole body.

Apart from that, it is also found that rhythm is inbuilt in humans. Hence, it is natural for someone to move. Hearing develops just before the baby is born. Hence, the child absorbs the sound present in the environment along with the mother’s heartbeat. This is a simple fact which makes us understand why we naturally move to music which we love or enjoy.

Moreover, the association between music and movement is very strong. Today many music composers create music on this fact and add varied rhythms in the song which forces you to move our body in a particular fashion.

To conclude, the music evokes us to react and if it is our favourite song, we are definitely going to move our body to express our happiness.

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