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One cannot turn down the fact that life without music will be dull, prosaic and incomplete. Music can be an enriching experience, whether you learn vocal music or acquire the skills necessary for playing a musical instrument; the experience can be highly enriching and satisfying. Whether you want to make a career in music or want to learn music just for personal satisfaction and interest, in the long run you are learning an art form that will stay with you forever.People of all age groups enjoy listening to music, though their tastes in music may differ from one another. A high school student may enjoy fast, upbeat and rock music while her father may prefer slow, soothing and instrumental pieces. Read on to discover the surprising health benefits of learning music and playing a musical Instrument of your choice can improvise your health and wellness.

Below here are the 5 amazing benefits of music therapy for health and wellness:

Good for mental health

Studies have confirmed that the use of music in music therapy has the innate ability to refresh, strengthen, heal and enrich a person and improvise your health and wellness Whenever you are sad or feel depressed, you can be cheered up by playing your favorite tune on your Guitar or doing some riyaaz on your Tabla. Playing music can be compared to doing a workout for every part of your brain as it helps improve your mental performance and memory which is equivalent to health and wellness.

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Improves your social life

Once you are become specialised at playing an instrument of your choice such as a Piano, Keyboard, Tabla, Guitar, Harmonium or Sitar, you can never get bored. Besides keeping yourself entertained, you can also perform for the people surrounding and share the magic of music! Joining a musical group at any age is also recommended as it encourages you to develop relationships with a broader set of people, and in turn builds skills in leadership and team-building which is equally important to health and wellness.

Boosts confidence

Playing a musical instrument helps you get comfortable with self-expression and helps you boosting health and wellness. As a novice, once you begin to master your instrument, you will probably end up playing to a few captive audiences, starting with your music teacher or parents, gradually furcating to concert audiences. Playing in public can also help you feel confident in presenting your work in a non-academic context. Succeeding at a musical instrument gives you an immense sense of pride and accomplishment, especially when you manage to master a passage you have been struggling with for a while.

Playing music makes you more creative

Practicing and perfecting a piece of music does wonders for the creative side of your brain. Music training also reinforces your self-expression and helps you break out of your inhibiting barriers work as a booster to health and wellness. Playing an instrument on a regular basis teaches you perseverance, discipline, and responsibility, skills that are paramount for achieving anything in life. Perfecting the art of playing music also fills you with a sense of accomplishment. After all, it feels great when you’ve mastered a song, difficult chord, or an instrument! There are few pleasures in this world that match up to the high you feel from settling down with your own instrument and letting your soul rush past your body and out across the free flowing chords of a musical piece. Priceless.

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Helps improve your memory

Researchers have found that learning to play a musical instrument can enhance your verbal memory, spatial reasoning and literacy skills. Playing an instrument makes you put to use both sides of your brain, which strengthens memory power and work as a booster to health and wellness. It also enables increased comprehension and math skills, better coordination, and a greater capacity for memory.

Playing and creating music is an extremely fulfilling experience and if you have the opportunity and interest, you must indulge in this same. After all, with a little practice and devotion, everyone can learn music!

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  1. Music is always medicine for me, it helps to relax and release the stress and tension. For this reason, I love to listen to music, and I play the guitar. Music has been studied for its effects on the human brain, body, and behavior for thousands of years. Today, scientific research is revealing how music therapy can help people manage their physical and mental health. Music therapy is a science-based holistic treatment approach that uses the healing power of music to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs.

  2. This article is very helpful and gives very correct information about Health benefits of music therapy. I like the author’s style of writing, very clear and simple. Thanks for the information.

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