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What’s that one thing that throbs heartbeats and unites people across the earth?

Yes, it’s music.

And let me guess, you passionately love music, don’t you? And if you want to create a music blog but don’t know how or maybe not sure enough how it works, this is for you.

Follow the basic steps below, and you’ll have a music blog to call your own.

Pick up your genre

If you go through the most successful music blogs, you will discover that each of them focuses on a specific genre. After all, one cannot be an expert in all the genres. However, selecting a genre doesn’t end the struggle. There are millions of blogs that focus on the same genre. So, how do you stand out? With some planning and good research, you can have your readers hooked to your blog. Give some insightful information to your readers about your genre.

Polish your writing skills

You can’t fool around with your content if you want to make your mark. You need to hone your writing skills. Remember, every notable writer has a style. Your readers will know and connect with you through your unique writing style. Besides penning down the objectivity of a subject, try to give a personal touch to the post and entertain your readers with your views and opinions. Moreover, if you possess a higher music knowledge, you can educate your readers. Craft your reviews, thoughts, opinions, and ideas on a particular topic and let your audience decide what they feel about it.

Choose a platform for your blog

After you have decided on the genre content, choose a blogging platform. As a beginner, you must go for those that are easy to set up and have a low learning curve. You can go for platforms such as Blogger, Weebly, Squarespace or any other blogging platform of your choice. You can later upgrade by having your own website. You may consider consulting a professional or an expert on the selection of layout, theme, and a whole lot of other aspects.

Develop a posting schedule

Ask any blogger and they will tell you that consistency is essential! If you don’t want your blog to die like millions of others, stick to a posting schedule. You need to share posts regularly. Keep connected with your audience or else they might forget you. You can use a simple tool like Google Calendar to plan your important dates regarding your posts. For example, if you plan to share a post twice per week, plan what those posts will be about, and arrange your schedule accordingly so that you don’t miss out posting them.

Spread the word

You may consider connecting with celebrated musicians on social media as well as at live events. However, simply following them or sending them a friend request won’t work. You will have to try and build a good rapport. You will benefit from their huge fan following and may end up with your own list of fans and followers. Frequenting your local music joints is one of the ways to build a good local rapport. Also, try a blog on a local artist. It is easier to approach them for podcast interviews, live interviews, free concert tickets, and free music.

Last and certainly not the least, consider advertising your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. You can also have backlinks of other music blogs, which are already popular and quite established, in your blog posts. As your popularity continues to grow, you won’t have to chase after advertisers or worry about the ways to monetize your site; the opportunities will start coming to you. Therefore, when you start your blog don’t aim for money but for quality content.

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