Tool Acoustic Band Music Guitarist Guitar Concert 3853132
Tool Acoustic Band Music Guitarist Guitar Concert 3853132

Imagine itā€™s raining and youā€™re looking out of the window listening to Radiohead sing, Iā€™m a creep, Iā€™m a weirdoā€¦ It sends a chill down your spine, right?

Radiohead, like many other bands, initially started out as a small-time indie rock band which later went on to earn worldwide popularity. The word ā€˜indieā€™ is a shortened form of the word ā€˜independentā€™ and refers to music produced independently from any major commercial record labels, a process that includes a DIY approach to publishing music.

Arctic Monkeys, considered one of the pioneers of indie music

In India, although the major moolah is still raked in by Bollywood chart-toppers, one cannot deny the rapid emergence of a new breed of independent and young artistes who are doing some impressive work and giving the Baadshahs a run for their money with their mellifluous music which manages to hit all the right chords. Yes, I am talking about the live and happening Indie music scene!

Despite the availability of platforms such as Reverbnation and SoundCloud, at the end of the day, those who work with established record producers hog all the attention. To that end, organizations such as Creative Roots,Friday Night Originals and BalconyTV offer a platform for upcoming bands and independent musicians to perform, record and publish their original compositions.

The promising talents from the City of Joy:

Amongst the plethora of talented musicians and bands in town these are some which deserve a mention:

Candy Cloud Conspiracy

This fresh out of school band includes vocalist Amartya Ghosh, lead guitarist AahelIyer, and drummer Sparsho Mukherjee. Their music ranges from Indie pop to alternative rock. You can listen to their song ā€œConspiracyā€ on SoundCloud.

Nischay Parekh and Jivraj Singh

Their music is a mix of blues, reggae, and jazz. They have brought about a fresh breath to the indie music scene and is set revolutionize new wave music.Tune into their song ā€œI love you baby, I love you dollā€ which will instantly become your favorite jam for this week!


A group of friends performing alternative and progressive rock with Soumyadip on lead vocals, Nabarun on guitars and Souradeep on drums. Check out their song ā€œDirghossasā€


A Bangla rock band specializing in post-grunge and alternative metal. They have won multiple fests across the city. Considered one of the hippest metal bands in town.

Minaj Khan and DC Christiano

This duo serves up some really cool poetry with their own beats. Their songā€œKidderporebastiā€, talks about life on the streets of Kidderpore. It got 2 million views!

Deep Phoenix

Deep is a musician and music teacher.  He has been an independent artist for about two years. Deep is also a part of band Whale in the Pond. Give a listen to ā€œThings will get betterā€ on bandcamp.

Venues in town to catch some good music!

To be able to jam to some cool tunes with your friends you need to know the hottest places in town where youā€™ll get to witness these awesome artists! Apart from the massively popular, bastion of rock & roll and indie music ;Someplace Else(Park Street), the following are the venues to be at:

Monkey Bar (Fort Knox, 6 Camac Street)

Hosts popular musicians from around the city, such as Pop Cult and Inside out.

Terminal_11 (Salt Lake Sector 2)

Their music ranges from sarod recitals to percussive guitar performances. Catch Phoenix X live on the 25th of May for a fun evening with friends!

Vault (95, Desapriya Park, Kolkata)

Their long bar with the glow in the dark lights, becomes mesmerizing during live band or solo performances.

Hard Rock Cafe (57A Park Mansion, Park Street)

Some of the artists that have performed at the Hard Rock Cafe are experimental space-pop solo artist Rivu, the classic rock dance band Stairwayz, alt-rock band Postboxamong others.

Lords and Barons (20B Park Street)

A hip and happening pub in the heart of the city. The place to be for enjoying indie music or jamming to beats churned out by the DJ. Wednesday to Sundays post 7 PM you can catch the Fork Queue!

Indie artists and bands have already carved out their own special spot in the heart of Kolkataā€™s music scene, with still a long way to go. So if you are a loyal fan and are interested to support your local band you can do so by following them on their social media outlets and bringing your friends to their next gig in town!

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