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Few years or rather a decade ago, India was never an ultimate destination for international musicians to perform — be it pop, rock or electronic music artists. But now, every famous international artist performs at various metropolitan cities in the country. All the credit must definitely go to the music lovers, which attracted the artists to come on our soil. The popularity of music festivals in India had never been so high before.

Music is something all of us connect to in some way or the other. We have unforgettable memories, friendship, and bonds created over similar music taste or by exploring new, as it is a very emotionally significant part of ourselves. Without music you’d feel empty, your parties and celebrations would be boring. Following are listed some of the international musicians who visited India and performed live on-stage:

One of the biggest international musicians to play in India so far was Coldplay. He performed in Mumbai. To stand in the audience and witness Chris Martin perform was surreal. It was the best night for all the Coldplay fans out there. Noted artists such as Demi Lovato, Jay Z attended the event. Along with these artists, many Bollywood celebrities made their appearance on the stage and entertained the audience. The tickets sold for the event were priced between Rs 25,000 to 5 lakhs.

Justin Bieber has a huge fan following in India which resulted in him coming to Navi Mumbai and performing for the fans. Though his fans were very disappointed by the lip-sing controversy during his performance whereas, on the other hand, his presence itself on the stage bought the fans into tears. The tickets sold for the event were priced between Rs 4,000 to 75,000.

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Ed Sheeran first performance in India was in 2015 as a part of Fly Music Festival. He also performed in 2017 with his famous numbers such as, “Shape of You”, “Perfect” and many more from his album, Divide. He also won the Grammy Award for the best album in the year 2017. The tickets sold for the event was priced for Rs 5000.

Band Metallica treated their heavy metal fans by performing in Bengaluru in 2011. There were more than 50,000 people in the crowd cheering to them. The heavy metal band performed for over two hours with 18 songs. It was an exceptional moment between the band and the fans. The tickets sold for the event were priced between Rs 1700 to 2800.

When you think of electronic music, one of the first names that come to your mind is DJ Tiesto. He is the best electronic music producer out. He came to India and first performed for the fans in 2018 when he was part of the Enchanted Valley Carnival, hosted in Aamby Valley. Later, he performed in the Tiesto India schedule in metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Bengaluru, and New Delhi.

Rihanna may soon perform in India, though it is not confirmed yet. K-POP is a genre popular in South Korea. The band that has gained popularity in this genre is BTS (Beyond the Scene). In present day, the teens are currently obsessed with the K-POP culture. They are likely expected to perform in India. There were last seen grooving on a Bollywood number and sending love to their Indian fans.

In addition to this, there are many big names who are yet to perform in the near future and a few years down the line, India shall turn into an ultimate music destination.

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