World Population Day: Watch these movies and docus on Reproductive Health

July 11 is marked as World Population Day, which calls for action on population issues. The UN Economic and Social Affairs (DESA)-Population Division promotes the event. 

This year’s theme of World Population Day 2021 is ‘the impact of COVID-19 on fertility’. Sexual and reproductive health, significantly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, will be the focal point this year. 

Here are few movies that shed light and provide educational material on sexual and reproductive health:

“Plan B,” Hulu (2021)

This film comments on how governments and healthcare professionals are increasingly inhibiting women’s autonomy concerning their bodies, as exemplified by how far Sunny and Lupe drive to reach Planned Parenthood after initially being denied the pill. It’s humorously framed, but its effect is nonetheless explosive. 

Trapped (2016) 

The documentary explores the struggle to keep reproductive health clinics open in the United States. Hundreds of TRAPs (Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers) have been passed by conservative state legislatures since 2010. Having no choice but to comply with these medically unnecessary and far-reaching measures, clinics have taken the fight to the courts. Trapped depicts the struggles of clinic workers and attorneys on the front lines of the battle to keep abortion legal and safe for millions of women in the United States.

AKA Roe (2020):

A documentary about Norma McCorvey, the real-life Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade. The documentary includes Norma McCorvey’s interviews before her death where discusses her involvement in the anti-abortion movement and her support for reproductive rights; she claims she was paid by anti-abortion groups to publicly oppose abortion.

12th and Delaware (2010):

Documentary focusing on how One street corner in Fort Pierce, Florida, is the home of two abortion clinics, one for-profit and one supported by the Catholic church. In contrast to the abortion clinic that takes precautions against violence and repels protesters, the crisis pregnancy centre actively spreads false information about abortion to women.

Never Rarely Sometimes Always (2020)

Never Rarely Sometimes Always, a critically acclaimed film from 2020, centres on parental consent laws. The film follows Autumn’s journey as she deals with the effects of an unplanned pregnancy. This is exactly what makes it so enticing and convincing.

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