Taapsee Panu bats for sustainable fashion in 'Mishan Impossible'
Taapsee Pannu

In 2010, Taapsee Pannu started her acting career with a Telugu film titled Jhummandi Naadam, and in 2021, she is back in the Telugu industry by signing Swaroop RSJ’s Mishan Impossible. For the latest movie, the star is talking sustainable fashion and collaborating with national award-winning costume designer and stylist Indrakshi Pattanaik.

The duo of Pannu and Pattanaik aims to achieve sustainable fashion by using fabrics and brands that use biodegradable or recycled materials for their clothes. The idea is also to reduce the enormous waste produced by the fashion industry.

The idea was initiated by the stylist and encouraged by Pannu. Also, the character of the film catalysed the entire concept of promoting eco-friendly and sustainable fashion choices by providing the required scope for the styling team to work on.

The fact that so many clothes used during a movie shoot get wasted bothered Pannu. She said, the clothes used in a film are kept in boxes and finally thrown away. The producers have rarely given any thought to reusing or recycling them.

The actor wanted to try and do her bit for the environment by opting for fabric and brands that use biodegradable or recycled material for her outfits of the film ‘Mishan Impossible’. Most of her outfits in the film will be made out of disposable waste or biodegradable materials. Also, the character of the film has given her the scope to do so. The actor instantly loved the idea that came from Indrakshi Pattanaik who is the stylist for the film ‘Mishan Impossible’. She also wishes to continue this noble initiate in her other films too.

Pannu is known for her bold and distinctive choices. Her films like Thappad, Mulk, Pink, etc have brought many important and necessary issues to light that have been veiled by society for a long time. Her films have also successfully broken the conventional concept of hero-centric Bollywood films.

In a time, where climate change is a burning topic, Taapsee’s mission of using recycled clothing for films is undoubtedly an appreciable action. She has proved herself as a responsible human being by taking such initiatives to protect the environment and choosing a sustainable way out. The collaboration of Pannu and Pattanaik for the use of recycled outfits for the film ‘Mishan Impossible’ is setting a precedent for the others to follow.

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