Traditional Assamese cuisine lovers can now learn the art of cooking and relish the taste of authentic ethnic food as international celebrity chef Atul Lahkar features in an exclusive cookery show – Paakghar – on OTT platform Reeldrama.

In a unique opportunity for traditional food lovers, the Assamese-exclusive OTT platform is streaming an extensive 30-episode culinary series Paakghar directed by Sankalpajiit Hazarika and featuring popular chef Atul Lahkar. The unique series features 30 episodes of authentic fish recipes from various parts of Assam.

Paakghar, meaning kitchen in Assamese, showcases the traditional culinary set up in Assam. Chef Atul Lahkar, who is a prominent name among the chefs in Assam and eastern India, shares his knowledge about the ethnic cuisine of Assam using fishes and a variety of herbs that are found across the state. In the series, Lahkar shares his secrets of bringing the perfect aroma and tastes out of all these preparations and also the hidden medicinal values of these herbs and leaves.

“This is a very enriching series for Assamese cuisine lovers and also for those who relish ethnic food. A cuisine is an integral part of a region’s heritage and culture. Through this series, I want to pass on the traditional kitchen secrets and values to the next generation,” said Lahkar.

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Speaking about the experience of directing the unique series, director Hazarika said that this was one of the most exciting experiences. “Making ‘Paakghar’ was a very exciting experience for me. Shooting with chef Atul Lahkar was a rewarding experience. Me being a foodie added to the flavour as I got an opportunity to learn new ways and tricks about Assamese cuisine as well as wonders of the region’s cuisine varieties,” said Hazarika.

Reeldrama, a dedicated OTT (Over-The-Top) platform with loads of Assamese content, was announced amid a host of dignitaries from the world of Jollywood, in Guwahati. The platform hosts movies from different genres, web series, shows from the field of music, comedy, poetry, cookery and devotion.

For young minds, Reeldrama has a dedicated kid’s zone that contains animated moral stories and grandma tales. For someone willing to learn the art of filmmaking or Hindustani classical vocal, the platform offers masterclass sessions which is a first-of-its-kind educational series with instructions in the local language.

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