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A few days to go for us to pack up  2019 and welcome the New Year. A new year filled with unparalleled possibilities and much more. Many must be making plans with your near and dear ones for a night out, a picnic or a party. Numerous others must have already planned or moved out of town to ring in the New Year in a picture-perfect vacation mode at some of the fun locations across the country or the globe.However, for many of us, these might seem like a far-fetched dream because of work-related commitments or  just because you are a reclusive introvert or simply because its too cold to step out. But worry not. Here is a catalog of binge-worthy Netflix best series

So pop those corn and wrap yourself snugly inside a blanket and binge-watch these series for that perfect in house New Year mood.

The Witcher

Netflix best series

Swords, witches, monster and a monster hunter Henry Cavill aka Geralt, The White Wolf. Yes, the Man of Steel himself takes us to a world of fantasy; not flying with his red cape but by traversing the terrain with his trusty horse, Roach. The series is an original interpretation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy epic which already had a game adaptation.

The series takes us into a brutal world of war, blood, love (yes I know what I am saying, watch the series if you do not believe me) brutal colonisation, monster hunting which at times becomes very confusing as the real monster hides within us all and more. Oh let’s not forget ‘destiny’; the number of times this word makes its appearance in the series is seriously astounding. Every major plot twist occurs due to ‘destiny’, every major cosmic misfire occurs due to ‘destiny’ as well.

The eight episodes are filled with action-packed scenes with carefully crafted use of two timelines, the past and the present. Hence, now is the perfect time to binge-watch one of the netflix best series.

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Peaky Blinders

Netflix best series

This British drama series is set in the dingy industrialised world of Birmingham in the year of 1919. The men of the Shelby family returns home after gaining many laurels from the war to find a booming business of racehorse betting by the women of the house. As Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) takes over the business, his cunning and fierceness take the business to a legit gangster family who sews razor blades in the peak of their caps.

The series takes place at a very tumultuous time of British history with women empowerment issues, communism, the rise of gang wars over territory, drugs, money and many more. With a real-life gang and with the addition of Winston Churchill elements (obviously a character) the series becomes very addictive. Hence, now is the perfect time to binge-watch one of the netflix best series.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Netflix best series

Yes, another series based on supernatural elements, but the series demands attention. Based on the teen comic series of Sabrina and the Teenage Witch, but subverting it to a much darker mode, the series takes us through the life of a normal teenager. Well normal with witches, demons, familiars curses, Satan and yes a wizarding school as well.

Throughout the episodes we see her battling with her dark side (She is a half-witch hence the existential crisis). The dark side is filled with endless possibilities, mystery, seduction, and power but also results in the sacrifice of her humanity which she dearly holds on to. It’s a ravening series with the season 3 set to release on January 24, 2020. Hence, now is the perfect time to binge-watch one of the netflix best series.


Netflix best series

An article by Vox stated this series as “Netflix’s Dark isn’t a show you watch. It’s a show you solve” and rightfully so. Many often try to find similarities with the series Stranger Things as both features kids who wander about in a small town where weird things are happening. However, unlike Stranger Things whose plot is mostly straight forward Dark, on the other hand, is not. With sci-fi timelines of past, present and future one needs to take his time to solve the story as it progresses.

The intersecting plot of 2019, 2020, 1987, 1954, 1921 and 2053 Germany make this series worth binge-watching. Many often crash down hard while playing with the paradoxes of time travel but Dark did not. The foreboding backdrop of cold rains and grey skies is enough to send a chill down one’s spine. Also as season 3 is set to release on June 27, 2020, so it is a pretty good time to enjoy this series.

Watch these and ring in 2020 your style.

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