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Majuli Music Festival gave us all — from an amazing line-up of musicians to mouth-watering delicacies; from adventure games to pure scenic beauty of the largest inhabited riverine island of the world.

It also gave us an opportunity to witness Arghadeep Baruah, the actor from the much-anticipated movie, Aamis. The 108-minute-long Assamese feature film is all set to hit the theatres on November 22.

The movie talks about a relationship between a married paediatrician, Nirmali (played by Lima Das), and a young PhD student, Sumon (played by Baruah). The relationship is borne out of their shared love for meat-based delicacies.

However, it is ‘basically a dark love story,’ and one can only guess what the film wizard Bhaskar Hazarika has in store for us. I mean it’s not always that a film director, writer, editor, producer of the likes of Anurag Kashyap presents a specific film, right?

Edited excerpts from an exclusive interview:

Can you give us a sneak peek on your view about Aamis?

Aamis is basically a dark love story which revolves around two characters — primarily Nirmali, who is a paediatrician, and Sumon, who is a PhD scholar researching on the different meat eating habits of the people from the Northeast.

Can you tell us a bit about the different kinds of meat which you have tasted while filming this movie?

Oh, we had various types of meat and I tasted a lot of pork, among others. But then again, because we tasted a lot of different types of meat in the movie itself, it would be even great if the viewers would enjoy the tasty delight while watching the movie itself. If I say it right now, you guys would definitely lose the feeling.

How did Anurag Kashyap fit into the Aamis scheme of things?

Aamis is the first film from the Northeast that will be presented by Anurag Kashyap’s Good Bad Films. So, when the world premiere of the movie occurred in Tribeca, we showed the film to him and he was really interested. So, after watching the film he was really into it and he then approached Bhaskar Hazarika that if he needed any help for this movie I will always be there. We were facing some problems during the release and then we approached and he whole-heartedly came forward. With his name coming into the picture, it really gave a huge boost to the film. So, I am really thankful to Anurag Kashyap who is truly a face of independent films.

How was the response of the people in Tribeca Film Festival?

Sadly, the US people didn’t give me a visa to go there. These are the pangs of being single but the rest of the team were there and the response was amazing. People really appreciated the movie and when people say that the movie haunted them after two to three days of watching it, it makes us feel really good and humbled as well.

From a musician to an actor now, tell us a bit about that transition. Was it difficult?

To be really honest, I never thought that I will appear before the camera. I am a very shy person by nature. I am shy away even when people ask me to be in their photos and so I was quite reluctant initially. I never thought that I would do a film. But if you ask about the process, the transition has been great as I got to learn a lot of things. Also, more than an actor, as a human being I had some emotions which I was not able to confront before. So, through this process, I was able to realise those as we had various acting workshops with Seema Biswas and Daulat Vaid as our mentor. There we were taught about the ‘Navarasas’ and the idea behind it is so amazing. Each of the nine rasas, though different from the other showcasing different emotions, the line separating them is so thin. So, yeah, it was really very interesting.

Tell us a bit about the band you are a member of, Bottle Rockets India.

Bottle Rockets India is a six-piece band with Riaz on the guitars, Mrinal on the bass, Riyan on violin, Nilarnab on the drums and percussion and Sunny on the keyboard. So, we don’t have a fixed specific genre for our music and so at times we call ourselves fluid rock. It’s because one song of ours is different from the other. Moreover, even our influences are varied. We are influenced by folk music, at times we are inspired by ambient music and being a band, rock will always be there. We are inspired by the regular, day-to-day affairs including nature and are trying to formulate and explore the sound of the band. Lately, we are working on a few singles, one being Bukute, and we are almost finished with its recording and it is in its post-production stage now.

How important do you think is storytelling in music? Can a song go on without a story in it?

Well, this is quite a subjective question. It would depend on who will perceive it in what way. On a personal level, in our songs, we try to incorporate a story in it. This also results in better connectivity with the masses. Even I do not like to introduce myself as a musician or an actor. Rather that that I would like to introduce myself as a storyteller. So, I think everyone of us lives a new story every day in our life and ultimately that reflects in everyone’s music as it reflects in ours.

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