With the release of the trailer on August 28, Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, created quite a buzz on the internet. However, nothing is compared to the eight-minute long standing ovation that the movie got in its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, organised by La Biennale di Venezia in Venice Lido.

Here is a look:

And just in case you haven’t watched the trailer, here it is:

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It looks like Hollywood studios are now running out of the caped crusaders always saving the day and are now turning to supervillains. Starting with the infamous Suicide Squad and the series of disasters it followed to Venom, it has now reached to dig deep into the origin story of Gotham’s clown prince of crime.

Eight minutes of standing ovation at Venice Film Festival was not the only thing which the movie received after its first screening. The Independent even claims that the movie is heading straight to Oscars. Moreover, talking further about Phoenix’s acting skills, the review stated that the artist has played the character in such a way that it made him seem both ‘sympathetic and very creepy.’ Some reviews also stated that his performance as the clown prince has ushered in a new dimension to the character.


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Nicholas Barber in his review about the movie talks about the nonexistence of fistfights, bank robberies, Batcaves and Batmobiles. “Joker is a dark, dingy drama about urban decay, alienation, and anti-capitalist protests, with a distinctive retro vision and a riveting central performance by Joaquin Phoenix,” says Barber.

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The actor portrays the character as a greasy and disturbing character who lives with his ailing mother and earns his living by dressing up as a clown. The actor is said to have spent eight months exploring how a struggling joker cum comedian transforms into the main antagonist of the Batman comic and movie franchise with his chilling laugh (not everyone is born evil).

Venice Film Festival
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The actor has also lost over 50 pounds of body weight to portray the disturbing figure with ribs and vertebrae poking out at odd angles. The actor is also one of the few who starved himself to fit a movie role and one being none other than Christian Bale who once portrayed the Batman himself. Talk about utter dedication.

Well, it is hard to believe something which is not witnessed by our own eyes and an origin story of Batman’s greatest villain of all time is surely on everyone’s watch list. What makes the Joker tick and what pushed him over the ledge to be the villain and at times the anti-hero he is today will be disclosed for public inspection on October 4 when this movie hits the theaters all over India.

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