X Men Dark Phoenix New Poster 1200 1777 81 s e1560771506601
X Men Dark Phoenix New Poster 1200 1777 81 s e1560771506601

The X-Men. Wow. The series that has reeled us all in for decades. Many confusing timelines and blue heroes later, here we are. Dark Phoenix. A small window into the making and beginning of one of the strongest mutants ever, Jean. Trying to keep a track on her powers is a real fix.

Everyone in the theatre was pumped to see Xavier and Eric in their youngest suit. There have been a million changes in the direction and production end of the series. X-Men is always revolving. This one however was a complete blast.

It all begins with a tragic tale. As with all the other super hero movies. As Jean’s parents are seen losing their lives due to her powers, the entire audience is as silent as a morgue. There is pitch black and a regretful aww as we see Xavier soothe the young girl that Jean in.

And soon she fits in. This film brings the world of the X-Men to the typical high school world. The relationship of Jean and Scott makes everyone swoon. Unfortunately, it is all torn apart.

A series of events makes Jean absorb the power of an all knowing, cosmic force. This changes the scenario of the entire movie. In a fit of confusion, Jean causes damage to a lot of the people she cares about.

In all the movies prior to this, Xavier has been seen as the guy who is essentially good. But this one shows the downside of everything he is doing. There is a terrible secret that he has kept from her.

While all of this is unfolding, Jessica Chastain is unfolding the dark forces in the movie. The real villain is yet to come.

The real sad bit is when the death of beloved Raven is seen. A friend who has been a humongous part of the X-Men world is no more.

Throughout the movie, Jean goes through an entire journey of self-discovery. A lot of stuff goes really wrong. But even so, the audience saw themselves relating to the character. All of the struggle and pain and confusion there is to find oneself.

The movie was an obvious treat to the senses. Anything that Marvel creates, that’s a given. The VFX is brilliant. The effects given to Sophie’s hair and the cracks in her face are brilliant.

The battle at the end is the real crux of the entire movie. The fierce war ends with a civil war and an inter-galactic war all at once. Jean is brought to her senses by the love of her life and happy endings are in store!

Even though we lose a lot of great characters throughout the movie, it makes for great, heart-wrenching cinema. The film ends with a lot of questions in the mind. Is Jean still alive? What is next for the Dark Phoenix?

We will just have to wait to see!

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