aladdin Lamp 2019 Movie
aladdin Lamp 2019 Movie

Aladdin has been a household favourite since the age of dawn. Gaping mouths was what it inspired. Children were drawn to it like flies to light. Everyone wanted a bit of that magic. And this year, this legend of a tale got a complete makeover. A live action remake of the golden animated story that stunned millions.

The real surprising part was the number of adults that showed up. One would think that the audience would comprise mostly of heads that barely reached the top. Those children who had seen this in their childhood, had now grown up. There were high levels of expectation in the air. As with all the movies that served as memories of the past.

When the first look of the movie came out and it was seen that Will Smith would play the part of genie, it was a big shock. There he was, Mr. Anticipation sitting ready with a bucket of popcorn.

The stellar acting of Will Smith added to the wow factor of the movie. He did not conform to the regular idea of a genie. He made it his own. But he still kept the energy and the vibrance of the character alive with his presence.

The star of the movie, Mena Massoud, is every bit Aladdin as we expect him to be. He has played this multi-faceted character in the cutest way possible. The fact that the movie has respected the ethnicity as in the original story was great! The riff raff boy off the streets that goes on this journey, made everyone root for him. The landscape of the city was also a great look.

From the typical thought of the original movies, it has deviated a bit. Only to give way to the girl who needs no one else. Naomi Scott as Jasmine is no damsel in distress. She is the modern heroine we need. She is the perfect counterpart to Aladdin.

While the movie does mostly follow through to the original tale, Guy Ritchie has put his own spins. Jafar while played very well, couldn’t take the limelight as well as his animated counterpart does. His character has evolved from being the maniacal villain. He is now a rat off the roads as well. Showing the audience a much darker version of Aladdin’s character. It shows them what could have been if the power was let to oneself.

A thing not to be forgotten is the music. After all, it is a musical. The old tracks used to be humongous and the new ones do not disappoint. The track Speechless should end up on your playlists!

There is a lot that can be said of the VFX. The movies of this generations put so much expectation at this door, that anything mediocre is not acceptable. The VFX could have been better done. It looked like a movie made for TV.

But on an overall route it was an enjoyable experience to most. The characters that have been such a big deal to most will always continue to be. Guy Ritchie has attempted the masterpiece created by Williams, and for this we salute him. It still wows us with the magic carpet and the brilliant story. It is always a delight to enter the “Whole New World”.

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