Mizoram: Congress suggests secret alliance between BJP and ZPM

Aizawl: Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM) candidates held a press conference on Thursday to address their party’s stance on potential alliances and present their Sustainable Development and Reform Policy (SDRP) to the public.

During the press conference held at Aizawl Club, the candidates responded to questions about the possibility of an alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Aizawl West I candidate TBC Lalvenchhunga made it clear that the ZPM had no intentions of partnering with the BJP. He stated, “The ZPM executive committee has decided that it will not work together with the BJP party. We have never mentioned plans to join the BJP; however, we have mentioned that we will not join the party. We will not collaborate with them in any way.”

Aizawl East II ZPM candidate also weighed in on the matter, emphasizing the party’s self-reliant approach. He noted, “We are not like other parties that need to be recharged from the center. We believe in our ability to function effectively on our own.”

The ZPM candidates took the opportunity to introduce their Sustainable Development and Reform Policy (SDRP), which aims to address various developmental challenges in Mizoram. They highlighted that since 1986, the state has been governed by either the Mizo National Front (MNF) or the Indian National Congress (INC). While acknowledging the efforts of these parties, the ZPM candidates expressed their belief in Mizoram’s untapped potential for progress.

As part of their proposed initiatives, the ZPM candidates outlined plans for the development of hydroelectric power projects to enhance sustainability and reduce the state’s dependency on external sources for power supply. They underscored the importance of saving financial resources by generating power within the state.

In addition to their focus on energy, the ZPM candidates announced their commitment to supporting those who make a living through private transportation. They mentioned their intent to introduce “The Private Transport Workers (Welfare) Bill, 2022,” which aims to provide assistance and support to individuals engaged in the transport sector.

The candidates also unveiled a “hand-holding policy” designed to assist various segments of the population in achieving economic and social stability. Furthermore, they introduced a sports promotional fund to boost athletic initiatives and opportunities within the state.

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