Mizoram: Rahul Gandhi criticises PM's focus on Israel over Manipur in public rally

Aizawl: The main road from Chanmari to Raj Bhavan in Aizawl was adorned with flags in saffron, green, and white colors, setting the stage for a massive gathering eagerly anticipating the arrival of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday.

Gandhi, arriving around noon, was met with a warm welcome from the crowd, which had assembled since 11 am. The journey from Chanmari to Raj Bhavan, a thirty to forty-minute procession, was accompanied by cheers and chants, with bystanders offering their greetings and cultural dancers entertaining the crowd along the way.

At Raj Bhavan, Rahul Gandhi addressed the audience, reminiscing about his impression of Mizoram, which he said he had formed when he was just sixteen years old on his first visit to the state. He spoke about the remarkable transformation of Mizoram from a once-violent state into a peaceful one. However, he soon shifted his focus to Manipur.

Expressing his concerns, Gandhi stated, “I went to Manipur and couldn’t believe what I saw there, they have destroyed the idea of Manipur, it has become two states. People have died, and women have been killed. PM is worried about Israel, but he is not worried about Manipur.”

He further critiqued the national media for their priorities, noting, “Our national media seems preoccupied with matters in the Middle East, while they remain indifferent to the turmoil in Manipur.”

Gandhi also addressed broader issues affecting India, stating, “The situation in Manipur is symptomatic of wider challenges. These symptoms are visible across the entire country, where minority communities, tribals, and Dalits are feeling increasingly uneasy. This is an assault on the very essence of Manipur and, in essence, an attack on the idea of India within Manipur. It is our collective responsibility to safeguard the culture and traditions of our nation.”

Rahul Gandhi went on to discuss alleged connections between the Mizo National Front (MNF) and the BJP, emphasizing, “I’d like you to reflect on the 5 years of the work of your govt. Drug problems have affected so many lives. 250 young lives have been extinguished due to drugs, MNF supports the BJP in Delhi. The young people don’t have jobs they don’t see any future so they are taking up drugs. MNF has created only 2,000 jobs in the last 5 years Roads and infrastructure are in shambles.”

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He pointed to examples in Karnataka and Chhattisgarh, highlighting the positive impact of Congress-led initiatives in these states.

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