Mizoram CEO aims for record voter turnout, emphasises free, fair elections

Aizawl: The Chief Electoral Officer of Mizoram, Madhup Vyas, IAS has set an ambitious goal for the upcoming elections, aiming to achieve an all-time record for the highest voter turnout. Targeted interventions and activities have been planned to increase voter turnout in low turnout areas and among vulnerable communities, he said. 

In an interaction with media persons on Monday, he stressed the importance of ensuring that voters can exercise their franchise without any undue influence, reaffirming the commitment to preserving the democratic integrity of the process.

Praising the state of Mizoram, the CEO acknowledged the region’s robust democratic tradition and the positive influence of civil society organizations, notably the Mizoram Peoples Forum. With a fervent appeal to voters, he called upon them to participate actively by turning out in large numbers and casting their votes fearlessly and freely. He also addressed queries about deleted Bru voters, saying there is a need for a clear understanding of the election process, clarifying that voter eligibility is explicitly specified as citizenship and ordinary residency.

The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Mizoram reported a series of preparatory activities in line with the Election Commission’s guidelines for the upcoming elections.

The 2nd Special Summary Revision of the Photo Electoral Roll for 2023, with a reference date of October 1, 2023, was successfully conducted, and the final electoral roll was published on October 4, 2023. The published roll indicates 4,12,969 male electors, 4,38,925 female electors, 4,973 service electors, bringing the total number of electors in Mizoram to 8,51,895.

According to reports from the officials, Aizawl emerges as the district with the highest number of electors, totaling 286,807, while Hnahthial stands at the other end of the spectrum with the lowest count, just 16,294. Among the assembly constituencies, 36-Tuichawng in Lawngtlai District boasts the highest number of electors at 36,042, whereas 34-Thorang in Lunglei District holds the distinction of having the lowest count at 14,909. The gender ratio in the 2023 electoral roll, derived from the 2nd Special Summary Revision (SSR), stands at 1063.

The electoral landscape also includes 50,611 young voters in the 18-19 age group and 8,490 senior citizen voters aged 80 and above. The electoral roll includes 3,243 Persons with Disability (PwD) Electors, comprising 1,787 males and 1,456 females. 

Mizoram will have a total of 1,276 polling stations for the elections. Assured Minimum Facilities (AMF) will be provided in each polling station. At least one polling station exclusively managed by women and Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) will be set up in every Assembly Constituency. A minimum of one Model Polling Station per Assembly Constituency, showcasing local material and art forms, will enhance voter experience and highlight local identity.

Additionally, one Polling Station per district will be managed by the youngest eligible employee of that district to encourage youth participation. Webcasting will be arranged for at least 50% of total polling stations, including critical ones.

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The Election Commission of India urged political parties and candidates to avoid single-use plastic and non-biodegradable materials, promoting the use of environment-friendly materials for campaign purposes.

For maintaining law and order during the elections, around 450 Sections of Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) will be deployed in addition to 3,000 State Police personnel.

To ensure transparency in election expenditure, various teams and committees have been set up, including Assistant Expenditure Observers, Flying Squads (FS), Static Surveillance Teams (SST), Video Surveillance Teams (VST), Video Viewing Teams (VVT), Accounting Teams (AT), and more.

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