Why are only 3 of 43 smart city projects functional in Mizoram?

On June 25, 2015, the Smart Cities Mission was launched amid great excitement and expectations. This mission was one of the most talked about development pitches of the BJP. It seemed Smart Cities Mission would go on to become one of modern India’s most successful projects to date. 

The reality, at least in Mizoram, is much different.

At Vaivakawn in Aizawl, a road leading uphill towards Seventh Day Tlang showcases a captivating water kiosk painted in vibrant blue hues, poised to provide refreshment to the weary traveller in exchange for a coin. Unfortunately, it suffers from a common setback shared by numerous water kiosks established throughout Aizawl under the Smart City initiative—it remains non-functional.

Water Kiosk at Vaivakawn


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