AIZAWL: The Mizoram government on Monday issued new protocols for sample tests for Covid-19 following the COVID-19 curve showing a downward trend.

The revised guidelines were issued based on the recommendation of the state-level experts team for COVID-19 management constituted recently.

The new guidelines are:

1. Persons to be tested for Covid-19: All persons belonging to the following categories shall be tested for Covid-19 as follows:

All person entering the State of Mizoram, as per the standing SOP for screening at Entry Points.

All persons who have symptoms of Covid-19 (regardless of vaccination status of prior Covid-19 infection, etc), such as – fever, sore throat, cough, rhinitis, diarrhoea, anosmia (reduced or loss of sense of smell) and shortness of breath (SOB), should be tested immediately with Rapid Antigen Test (RAgT).

Close contact/ primary high risk contact {persons who have been within a distance of 6 feet of confirmed Covid-19 case for at least 15 minutes without any protection such as face mask) should be tested with RT-PCR/ TrueNat within 5-10 days following the known exposure to someone with suspected or confirmed Covid-19 case.

Fully vaccinated persons shall also be tested, however, it is not necessary to quarantine such persons during the said period of 5-10 days; they should strictly follow Covid Appropriate Behaviour (CAB) instead.

Persons who have recovered from Covid-19 within the last 3 months do not need to get tested even if they have been exposed to confirmed Covid-19 cases, unless they develop new symptoms; however, if they are family members of a Covid-19 patient and are under ‘Home Isolation’, they shall follow the latest SOPs for Contact Tracing and Home Isolation.

Persons who have been advised by their healthcare provider or authority concerned for Covid-19 test.

2. Testing:

Record of sample collection shall includethe date and time (hour and minutes) of the collection and the same shall also be indicated in the Test result/ certificate.

Confirmatory test (re-test) is not required for any positive RAgT test result.

If the result of RAgT test of a symptomatic person is negative, he/ she should be tested again with RT-PCR / TrueNat immediately.

If any symptomatic person tested negative with RT-PCR/ TrueNat has fever with temperature of > 100.4° F, or Sp02 (blood oxygen level) of <94% or worsening cough, he/ she should be referred to the nearest Hospital/ Doctor.

All positive and negative results of Covid-19 tests shall be uploaded in the ICMR portal by the testing agency on the same day of the test positively.

All persons tested positive for Covid-19 by any method, including ‘self-test’ shall report the matter to the Local/ Village Level Task Force concerned, and seek/ follow advice from the nearest CMO/ MO concerned or the Helpline at telephone Nos. 102/ 0389 2323336/ 0389 2322336/ 0389 2318336.

No dead body of any person should be tested for Covid-19.

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