An online petition which was started in 2018 is being circulated on the web via Twitter and other social media platforms, demanding justice of Zothansanga.

The petition states that there have not been any satisfactory reports, investigation, proceedings or action taken regarding the reported atrocity committed on Zothansanga on 7th September 2018.

Petitioners fear that the people have forgotten about the case and authorities have taken advantage of the same, sweeping the issue under the rug.

Over 3 years after Zothansanga was allegedly sexually assaulted by Zodinliana Sailo, grandson of two-time former state chief minister T Sailo, justice continues to elude the 27-year-old youth living in the capital city of Aizawl in Mizoram.

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Latest developments

According to a report by The Lantern Post being widely circulated on the internet on Wednesday, the latest development on the case is that it was dealt with at the Additional District & Sessions Court with Lalbiakzama as the Judge on September 13, 2021.

The matter was taken up by an NGO called People’s Union for Justice in Mizoram right after the incident and it has been constantly pushing the case forward to ensure justice.

Two accused persons, Zodianliana Sailo and R. Lalhruaitluanga, were initially charged with wrongful restraint, wrongful confinement, voluntarily causing hurt and criminal intimidation after which they were taken to the Chief Judicial Magistrate Court. Later, the accused was additionally charged for abducting Zothansanga and the court would decide the fate of the accused on September 29.

The online petition

“It is in the interest of the people that the voices of those who had been trampled upon be heard, empathised, consoled, and reciprocated with justice,” reads the petition on

The petition was started by someone by the name of Alkaianti Nom-de-plume and was an appeal to District Court (Aizawl District Court), Balaji Srivastava IPS, DGP, Joseph Lalchhuana Deputy Inspector General of Police, Lalbiakthanga Khiangte IPS DIG (NR), Aizawl, Sh. Zosangliana MPSSP CID (Crime), Sh. C. Lalzahngoa MPSSP Aizawl District, Smt. A. Mathumma IASDeputy Commissioner, Aizawl, Sh. Neihchungnunga IPSDIG (CID) and Justice H.L. DattuChairperson, NHRC. It has been signed by over 63 thousand people and needs to be signed by at least 75 thousand people for it to rank as a top petition on the portal.

“We do not wish that our strive for justice be muffled by lack of compliance, incompetence, influence, or bias. We do not wish for mob justice, but justice served in the confines of the law,” the petition read further with petitioners loud and clear about their yearning for justice in the case.

“Equal rights between rich and poor, I want zothansanga to have the right to Justice and give the criminal the way to his punishment he deserves,” says Febbi Hmar, a petitioners who signed the petition.

“Justice needs to be served, wether it’s against the richest or the most influential. No one should be denied their right to justice,” says another petitioner Leon Guite.

“I detest such a cruel deed as this whole-heartedly! Let justice reign our lives,” wrote another supporter Jerome Sailo.

“I have heard the story and I just want justice be shown. I don’t know the two parties but I know what is right,” opined Zorama Chawngthu.

The petitioners had handed out 4×6 inch stickers with “Justice for Zothansanga” printed on them at Zarkawt. The stickers could be pasted on vehicles or surfaces to draw people’s attention, said another 2018 update of on the website.

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Twitterati demand #JusticeForZothansanga

Twitter today is abuzz with people from Mizoram and even K-Pop ARMY showing support for the sexual assault victim.

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