The Joint Action Committee on Inner Line Reserve Forest Demand, political parties and NGOs passed a resolution in Aizwal, requesting the Assam Police Force to retreat without any delay from Mizoram.

The meeting, which was held on July 6, 2021, at the Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP) Conference Hall in Aizawl, also asked Assam Police to pay appropriate compensation at the earliest for the destruction of crops and jhum house located at Aitlang, Mizoram.

In a letter to the Chief Minister of Assam, the Committee has stated that the above mention relief measures are to be met by the end of July 2021, and have stated that Mizos and the state of Mizoram will not bear any consequences.

The Committee stated in the letter, “we hereby serve you a notice to stop searching for land for the illegal migrants from Bangladesh within the Inner Line Reserve Forest of Mizoram nor to use them as your vote bank as a means of your political game.”

“We have no intention whatsoever, to gift even 1 inch of Mizoram (Lushai Territory) but instead, to acknowledge and hand over all the Revenue Tax indebted by you and immediately hand over administrative control of Inner Line Forest Reserve (509 sq.miles/3,25,760 acres) in Mizoram (Lushai Territory) to the Government of Mizoram,” the letter stated.

The Committee has made their intentions clear to not let up Mizo land and to “fight till the very end for Mizoram.”

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