An unknown man walked up to the protestors and allegedly harassed them
An unknown man walked up to the protestors and allegedly harassed them|EastMojo image

Mizo students protesting against CAA face ‘racism’ in Bengaluru

As per a video that is now doing the rounds, an unidentified man walks up to protesters during a silent march led by Mizo Students’ Association, heckles them

Team EastMojo

Team EastMojo

Bengaluru: As the country simmers with protests against Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019, another battle continues for people of Northeast -- that of racism and discrimination.

On Tuesday, a couple of Mizos under the initiative of Mizo Students’ Association were organising a silent and peaceful protest against Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) outside Mizoram House in Bengaluru when things turned ugly.

According to a video that is now doing the rounds of Internet, a man -- who is yet to be identified -- walked up to the protesters and allegedly harassed them. He allegedly got into an argument with the demonstrators and questioned them about their name and what they were doing at the said location? He went on to say, "What are you? Part of ULFA, what are you? Part of militant organisation?"

In the video, the man is then seen to be heckling the protesters and then clicking their pictures.

Twitter user Kima then narrated the remaining incident. He said, "The police were called, and instead of any action on those people threatening them, 3 of the Mizo students were taken to MICO Police Station, BTM layout, and later released with no charges. This happened on 17th, around 6 in the evening."

Instances of discrimination against Northeastern people are not new. Several have become ‘victims’ of this menace in the recent past.

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