NEHU: Naga student exposes harrowing ragging incident
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Tura: In a distressing incident at the North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU) Tura Campus, a Naga student has come forward to report an alleged case of ragging that transpired on the night of October 8. The victim, whose identity has been withheld on request, lodged an official complaint with the university authorities, seeking immediate action against those responsible for the act.

In a detailed complaint addressed to the Proctor of NEHU Tura Campus, Dr. Gino Sangma, the victim narrated the alleged sequence of events that unfolded during the said night, expressing deep distress, humiliation, and fear. The complaint highlighted the need for action against the perpetrators and justice for the alleged victim.

The victim, a student enrolled in the Department of Agri-Business Management, described his ordeal in the Arbella Boys Hostel located in Chasingre. As per the complaint, on his first night in the hostel, a group of individuals knocked at the door of the complainant at approximately 1:30 to 2:00 AM. Unfamiliar with the residents of the hostel and lacking any prior interaction with them, the victim opened the door, unaware of the ordeal that awaited him.

The complaint stated that the room had no power, and the individuals who approached the victim had their phone flashlights directed at him, making it impossible for the victim to discern their faces or determine their exact number (approximately 5 or 6 individuals). The victim said he was asked if he was a junior, to which he replied in the affirmative, indicating his newcomer status.

The group then allegedlyinstructed the victim to step out of his room, leading him to an empty room through a series of corridors and stairs. Inside the room, one of the individuals locked the door and demanded that the victim introduce himself formally, said the complainant.

The victim complied, providing his introduction in English. However, since the individuals communicated in Hindi, they insisted on an introduction in Hindi, which the victim said he struggled to deliver.

As the victim continued to face intimidation and fear, one of the individuals made a derogatory request, asking the victim to perform a ‘naked dance’ because of his Naga background. The victim said he was terrified and emotionally shaken and pleaded with them not to force him to undertake such actions. In response, the individuals allegedly threatened the victim with expulsion if he did not comply with their demands. Consequently, the victim said he removed his shirt and shorts as directed, and the situation escalated as they insisted on further undressing. The victim, in sheer distress, complied, standing naked under the glare of their phone flashlights, stated the letter.

The victim who was then in tears was allegedly warned by the perpetrators not to report the incident, accompanied by threats to expose him if he did so. The victim said he feared potential video recordings and reluctantly agreed to their demands, got dressed, and left the room. He followed their directive not to close his room door, spending a sleepless night in fear.

The next morning, the victim said he approached his roommate and, not wanting to disclose the incident’s details, fabricated a reason for leaving. He feigned a family emergency to avoid further interaction with the perpetrators.

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In his complaint to the university authorities, the victim has appealed for swift and decisive action against the individuals responsible for this appalling act of ragging. He hopes that by doing so, justice will be served, and such incidents will be deterred in the future, ensuring the safety and well-being of all students.

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