Shillong: Asserting that India is moving ahead on many fronts under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP president JP Nadda on Tuesday said the country today is “not a taker but a giver”.

Lauding the nation’s healthcare sector, he said countries, in the past, took years to prepare vaccines, but India made one for COVID-19 in a span of few months.

“Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, India has sent coronavirus vaccines to 100 countries, provided it for free to 48 nations. India today is not a taker but a giver,” Nadda said, addressing a rally in Jhalupara area here.

He recalled how it took years for Japanese vaccines to reach India in the past.

“Earlier, years would pass by to come up with medicines and vaccines for diseases like chickenpox and polio. However, India, during the COVID-19 pandemic, prepared the vaccine in a few months,” he noted.

The BJP president also pointed out that “US President Joe Biden still wears masks in America”, whereas 130 crore Indians roam safely without masks.

Nadda also said that developed countries like Japan and America used to dominate the automobile market at some point, but “India ranks third today in manufacture and export of vehicles”.

Heaping praise on Modi, Nadda said that India is also making considerable progress in the telecom sector.

“The day is not far when ‘Made in India’ will be written on top brands like iPhone,” he stated.

Maintaining that all northeastern states have witnessed “unprecedented development” in the last 8 years, under the NDA government, he said investments of Rs 9 lakh crore have been made for boosting infrastructure.

“Meghalaya has its own history and culture, the state trying to tread on the path of development. Every north-eastern state is in the race for bringing about more development.

“In this competition, it’s our endeavour to ensure all states move forward,” he stated.

Nadda stressed that his party will do what it takes to make Meghalaya corruption free.

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Urging people to vote for state party president Ernest Mawrie, who is contesting the elections from West Shillong constituency, Nadda said, “If Meghalaya has to be made a corruption-free state, you will have to ensure that all BJP candidates emerge victorious.”

Nadda is scheduled to release BJP’s election manifesto on Wednesday.

Elections will be held in Meghalaya on February 27. Votes will be counted on March 2.

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