Meghalaya 2023: Congress kicks off pre-poll campaign with a promise to make the state five star
Members of Meghalaya Congress addressing a press conference

Shillong: The Congress party in Meghalaya launched its pre-election campaign on Thursday with the promise of transforming the state into a “five-star” one.

To achieve the goal, the party announced five commitments at a press conference held in Shillong. The conference was chaired by the Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee Chief, Vincent Pala, and AICC state general secretary in-charge, Manish Chatrath.

At the press conference, Vincent Pala stated, “Our top priority among the five commitments is to provide direct transfer of Rs. 3,000 per month to single mothers who are below the poverty line and raising their children alone. This will empower these women and give them financial independence, enabling them to better run their households. With Rs. 36,000 per year, these women will be able to afford to pay for their children’s school fees and combat inflation.”

He went on to say, “Our second commitment is to provide one job to a deserving candidate from every household in Meghalaya. The lack of decent employment opportunities in the state has led to desperation among our young people, who are forced to migrate to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata just to meet their basic needs. The Congress party is committed to lifting our youth out of this situation of despondency and despair.”

At the same event, Manish Chatrath criticized the NPP-BJP government for its lack of action. He said, “The poor governance of the NPP-BJP coalition has resulted in law and order being the first victim in Meghalaya. The high level of unemployment among the youth has made them vulnerable, and the smuggling of various drugs from across the border has only worsened the situation.”

Chatrath emphasized the Congress party’s commitment to making Meghalaya a drug-free state, saying, “The Congress party is dedicated to addressing these issues and making Meghalaya a safer, more prosperous place for all.”

Chatrath also stated that the Congress party is committed to making Meghalaya a transparent state. “We also plan to introduce a new transparency law, which will be like a mother of RTI. The Congress government introduced the Right to Information Act to empower citizens, but the Modi government and the NPP regime have gradually weakened the law, rendering it ineffective. The new law proposed by the Congress party will require successive governments to upload all development and infrastructure files to government portals six months after their closure, promoting more transparency in governance and significantly reducing corruption,” Chatrath said.

The Congress party said its fifth commitment was to provide uninterrupted and regular electricity supply to both commercial and domestic users. Long power outages have impacted the production and earnings of entrepreneurs in the state and have also had a detrimental effect on the education and growth of children who are unable to study due to the lack of electricity. The Congress party’s commitment to providing uninterrupted power supply will not only boost the state’s industrial growth but also ensure the overall development of children, Chatrath said.

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