Meghalaya 2023: Mariahom Kharkrang challenges rivals for public debate
Mariahom Kharkrang

Shillong: Mariahom Kharkrang, the BJP candidate for North Shillong and a former IPS officer, launched his campaign by calling for a public debate with the rival candidates.

Speaking at the Khasi Dorbar Hall in Shillong, Kharkrang said that despite a large number of candidates in North Shillong, the public deserves to hear what each candidate has to offer. He encouraged a public debate to give the public an opportunity to make an informed decision.

Kharkrang emphasized that a debate would give the public a better understanding of each candidate’s plans. He pointed out that if a candidate is unable to participate in a debate, it could indicate that they have not adequately prepared. He added that before the election, candidates should study the current issues in the state and offer solutions.

Kharkrang stated that a candidate who wins should have a practical and achievable agenda that can be accomplished within the five-year term. He shared that he has four agendas – education, healthcare, employment, and security. “If I can fulfil these four agendas in his five-year term, I believe that my constituency will be in a better position and will not have to rely on outside help,” he said.

Kharkrang addressed concerns about the BJP being perceived as a Hindu party. He stated that some people are scared that the BJP might ban beef and close churches, but he assured the public that this will not happen. He declared that if the BJP wins in North Shillong, it will be the “BJP Christian” that wins and that he will be the first to stand against any acts of discrimination or injustice against minorities in the state.

He also highlighted the issue of Jaiaw being associated with violence against non-tribals but emphasized that the people of North Shillong do not support such actions.

Kharkrang urged the public to vote for him, pointing out the contrast between the development of Assam and the underdevelopment of Meghalaya. He attributed this difference to corruption and warned that if corruption continues, Meghalaya will never develop.

He concluded by saying that in 15 years, Assam will be much more developed, and if Meghalaya continues on its current path, people may regret not voting for the BJP.

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