Shillong: Making its debut in the upcoming assembly elections, three candidates of the newly-formed political party, KAM Meghalaya, filed their nominations on Thursday.

Notably, KAM Meghalaya is a political platform but not a registered party. 

Angela Rangad from the South Shillong constituency will be up against three-time BJP MLA Sanbor Shullai. Rangad, a well-known social activist in Shillong, has been at the forefront of voicing the issues of the hawkers and is also the leader of Thma U Rangli-Juki (TUR). The other two candidates who will be contesting on KAM tickets are Wanpynhun Kharsyntiew from East Shillong and Kyrsaibor Pyrtuh from North Shillong, respectively.

Kharsyntiew worked as a domestic worker before she became part of the national domestic workers’ movement. Pyrtuh was a pastor but he resigned in July 2021 as an ordained minister because the church does not allow a pastor to contest or campaign as per rule.

Rangad said she is hopeful of winning the elections. “Our campaign from the very beginning has been based on certain principles and values, and we have been working hard. We have been trying to meet people to know about their issues and how we can revive and renew democracy. And I think based on that people have a very clear choice in South Shillong and a very clear alternative. I’m sure that the people will choose wisely,” Rangad said.

Asked about how she will fight against sitting MLA Sanbor Shullai, who has won three terms, Rangad said, “I think nobody is invincible and we have to understand that people will also weigh the works of the MLA not just because he has been around for so long,” she added.

She added, “During my visit to the constituency and after meeting people I found that so many things have been left undone in South Shillong.”

She said a lot of funds have not been utilized in a transparent and accountable manner. “There is a concentration of funds among certain groups and people. There has been no proper development in the constituency. And even at the household level, some of the entitlements and rights have not been taken care of in the past 15 years,” the KAM candidate said.

KAM will be releasing its manifesto in the next few days.

Rangad mentioned that it will be a people’s manifesto, which has been designed after meeting people and a door-to-door survey.

“Some of the key issues are unemployment, soaring prices in both education and health sectors, and inaccessibility to civic amenities in and around Shillong. Many people have told us that civic amenities are improved only a few months before the election,” Rangad said.

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