BJP opts for Mariahom Kharkrang to represent the party in North Shillong constituency

Shillong: All eyes were on North Shillong Constituency as the BJP released its highly anticipated list of candidates. Former IPS officer Mariahom Kharkrang and social worker Michael Kharsyntiew were both vying for the ticket, and it was eventually awarded to Kharkrang.

In an exclusive interview with EastMojo on Thursday, Kharkrang expressed his gratitude to the CEC for selecting him and declared that they would now embark on a vigorous campaign.

This will be Kharkrang’s first time contesting elections, having only entered politics last year after taking voluntary retirement from service.

After 37 years in the service, Kharkrang was nominated to the IPS by the State Police Service in 2009 and was the Inspector General of Prisons.

Kharkrang declared that one of his primary objectives is to ensure security. Drawing on his experience as a police officer, he is confident that he can bring back the sense of security that has been lacking. He emphasized that, as citizens of the state, we must live in harmony and not be restricted from moving to certain localities due to our community. Kharkrang asserted that this is not the way to progress in the modern world.

He further noted that North Shillong is home to one of the largest commercial areas in the state and that any event occurring in any corner of the state has an impact on this constituency.

“I will align myself with the agenda of the party as a whole: BJP for development. Our national leadership has been emphasizing the importance of development, and this is evident in all BJP-ruled states. I will take advantage of this and demonstrate what Meghalaya could look like if the BJP were to rule here,” said Kharkrang.

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