Adokgre: As has been a tradition for the NPP, the campaign to return to power for the NPP began once again from their ‘hallowed ‘ ground of Adokgre under the Kharkutta constituency in North Garo Hills.

The election rally on Monday saw the presence of over 10,000 supporters of the party who thronged the newly inaugurated Chenangre stadium.

The NPP show saw the presence of all their contestants from Garo Hills along with stalwarts from the party including Ampareen Lyngdoh, deputy CM Prestone Tynsong, James Sangma, and CM Conrad Sangma.

Speaking first at the event, local MLA Rupert Momin spoke of the development brought about by the NPP-led Conrad Sangma government and felt that this in itself would ensure the party returned to power but also got a majority in the upcoming election in Feb.

Next up was former MLA of Songsak, Nihim D Shira, who will be taking on former CM Mukul Sangma for a chance to serve the people of the constituency.

“I will be taking on Mukul in Songsak and am confident that the work done by our government will help me beat whoever comes. Our programs like FOCUS, FOCUS Plus, YESS are reverberating across the state and will change the situation for lakhs that have benefitted,” informed Nihim.

Further, he ridiculed the ‘WeCard’ and MYE Card calling the programs of the AITC a story of credit that would only be provided if they came to power.

“There were many people from my constituency who were extremely happy after they got their WeCard. They went to an ATM to withdraw money promised by the AITC but got locked out when they tried too many times to withdraw money that was not there. The AITC is fooling the people but we have delivered,” he stated.

Former AITC MLA, Marthon Sangma, who joined the NPP recently thanked the CM for helping his constituency develop in the past few months.

“Even when we were in government, I was still unable to bring much-needed development to my area. However, when I approached the CM for development projects in my constituency, he immediately agreed. I can only bring development by being with NPP as they work towards the development of the people,” informed Marthon.

Next up was Rongara – Siju MLA, Rakkam Sangma who once again spoke of the various programs of the MDA government and how it has impacted the people of the state positively.

“In 2018, Mukul Sangma had promised to bury the NPP but looks like we rose again. This time too we will do the same due to the work we have done. In terms of development, the NPP does not have an equal,” asserted Rakkam.

Tura MP, Agatha Sangma informed the gathering about the love that their late father had for the people of Adokgre and how he would have been proud of the newly created Adokgre stadium.

“My late father would have been proud of this and also very proud of what his son, Conrad Sangma, has achieved. He would have been proud of Conrad as his son. This development needs to continue and I am sure you will all vote for the party to ensure we get an absolute majority in the coming elections,” she said during her speech.

Prestone Tynsong said he felt emotional standing on the same stage that the late PA Sangma held sacred.

“We should all be emotional and ensure that the dream of the greatest leader of minorities and tribals continues through the work his party has done. The world knows about our state as does the rest of India only due to PA Sangma, who will always remain our greatest leader. We should all remember him and be emotionally charged to work to bring our party back to power,” urged Prestone.

Last on the dais was Conrad who paid tribute to his late father through a song while also welcoming leaders from other parties including the Congress and TMC.

“We have the greatest respect for AITC chief, Mamata Banerjee because her party always respected my father. However, she herself had given a speech on how national parties were trying to enter West Bengal and she promised to ensure they were shunted out. The case for our state is similar. The TMC will be shunted out of state just like the other parties were, in WB,” said Conrad.

He also had a warning for the AITC chief asking her to check on whether those that have joined her would remain with the party after the election.

“This is not my words but the words that are going around in the market that the AITC leaders are already in talks with other parties to switch over after the election. I would advise her to check her sources and confirm this as we are already aware that something of this sort is happening within the AITC. Would she like to work to ensure they win and then see them undo the hard work,” said Conrad.

Referring to the WeCard and MYECard of the AITC, Conrad said these were only promises whereas their programs, FOCUS, YESS and FOCUSPlus have already been delivered.

“We will continue our programs in the years to come if we once again lead the state. The AITC is just making promises that they will never keep. We are certain that the people will vote us back to power because they have seen what we have achieved so far,” he informed.

The meeting concluded with the NPP election song being sung by the entire group while hundreds came near the stage and danced.  

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