Kharkutta Congress row: Chief Advisor of BCC – youth, other executive members come out in support of Chireng Peter
Chireng Peter R Marak

Resubelpara: Chireng Peter R Marak, one of the aspirants to the ticket from the Congress party from the Kharkutta constituency, received support for his candidature from various sections of the Kharkutta BCC giving their assent to his joining while also supporting his candidature.  

Yesterday, a press release by the BCC general secretary, Saintwinarth Marak, claimed that Chireng was not their candidate with them not even being aware of his joining the party. He added that the Congress only had one candidate, Omillo K Sangma after the other aspirant, Josephine Marak left to join the BJP.

The release claimed that Chireng’s joining the party was only a gimmick to pull the Congress out of the race as he is the brother-in-law of the Tura NPP MP, Agatha Sangma.

However this evening, Chireng’s candidature received a shot in the arm after the chief advisor to the BCC, Johnee Momin along with many executive members of the BCC of Kharkutta came out in support.

Hitting out at the statement by the BCC GS, Momin questioned the logic of the statement on Chireng being of the NPP just because he was related to one of the leaders.

“Applying this logic Varun Gandhi becomes a member of the Congress since he is related by blood to Congress Youth President Rahul Gandhi but he is with BJP to topple the BJP,” said Momin.

“I believe that when God closes one door he opens another and that is what God has done here for Chireng. Workers from all walks of life extending beyond party lines are here to support, strengthen and bolster him. The Congress high command has faith in him as do the Congress workers. Not just Congress workers but those from BJP, NPP and TMC who were unhappy with their parent party have joined him in numbers,” he added.

The Congress advisor felt the statement made by the BCC GS was personal in nature and asked him to refrain from it while also requesting him to join in helping Chireng in winning.

“We don’t have any problem in the party on his aspiring for the ticket. Some leaders and party workers don’t work for the party but for their personal profit. The party doesn’t need such people and doesn’t tolerate such people,” asserted the Youth advisor of the BCC.

Further he felt the fight this time would be between the AITC (Cherak Momin) and the INC (if represented by Chireng) and with Kharkutta being a Congress bastion, they were sure of success.

He was supported in his statement of support by other executive members including Killer Marak, Anitha Marak, Exbith Sangma, Niten Momin among others.

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