Ground Report: Ildek residents complain on road quality after being able to dig up road with bare hands, company clarifies situation

Tura: In a few months, Meghalaya will head to elections and the wind of electoral democracy has started blowing all over the state. But amid all the hope the electorate may, or may not, have, the truth is clear: whoever comes to power in 2023 must stop talking and start paving the road to take Meghalaya into the present century. 

And they might as well start with roads, especially in Garo Hills. 

Garo Hills offers visitors several things: a wonderful, almost mind-boggling mix of cultures, breathtaking beauty, and a region with a rich history. 

What it does not offer are roads. Ask the region’s residents, who believe their region has one of, if not, the worst infrastructure in the country, with rural......

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