Meghalaya Opposition Chief Whip MLA, George Lyngdoh

Shillong: Meghalaya Opposition Chief Whip MLA George Lyngdoh on Monday said that if the state government’s irresponsibility continues then either a new government should come or a President’s Rule should be imposed considering that the government has lost the moral authority in governing the state.

Lyngdoh stated this while briefing the media persons after attending the All Political Party meeting in Shillong on Monday in relation to the Mukroh killing.

Lyngdoh mentioned that the government had informed them of the several steps taken relating to the Mukroh incident however, the opposition was not happy with the actions taken.

The AITC leader said that the government has said that two judicial inquiry commissions have been set up one from the Assam side and one from the state government side.

“We defer to the point because one, the judicial commission that has been set up by Assam that in fact is exceeding its jurisdiction, because the incident had happened, in Mukroh which in fact, falls under the jurisdiction of Meghalaya,” claimed Lyngdoh.

Their other concern was how the judicial inquiry that is going to be set up by Meghalaya, will investigate falling under the control of Assam, especially the police, which are under the control of Assam. 

“So whether our judicial inquiry can cross beyond the borders of Meghalaya and work on people who are being under the control of Assam?, the Opposition expressed its doubts during the meeting.

Lyngdoh added their other concern was about the CBI inquiry.

“We don’t know the time because we don’t know whether the central government has actually agreed to it or not, whether it’s going to be a CBI inquiry or some other judicial inquiry, that also we don’t know,” mentioned Lyngdoh.

The leaders suggested to the government to put their task force and their police into action.

“We have demanded in front of the government that those culprits should be arrested because it is a murder that has been committed on Meghalaya soil,” demanded the Opposition.

They have also demanded that the state government should give some kind of alternative or employment to the next of kin, to the families of the bereaved and that the government should take up all the other expenses that the families have borne, especially the ones who are injured.  

The Opposition has totally disagreed that clubbing as an interstate boundary issue is not the purpose of the meeting. “We wanted that this criminal act should be dealt with the sternest of actions from the state govt side and they should also ensure that they show their authority over this case otherwise it will weaken their point in further discussions on interstate boundary issues and in the interstate boundary settlement,” added Lyngdoh.

The Opposition felt that if the state government does not act on it now and show its authority over such areas, then perhaps it will be pushing the government again on the back foot.

Lyngdoh also expressed his disappointment with the government as nearly a week has passed since the killing but no arrest warrants have been issued so far. He also added that the government has not asserted its presence and jurisdictional authority over that particular area considering that the crime has been committed on Meghalaya soil. 

“That sends a very soft message to the people and that the government is weak in asserting its position and political authority,” said Lyngdoh.

According to Lyngdoh, there have been 57 incidents have happened in the past four or five years. And what is alarming is that the people and the headmen of five villages had already met the state government officials in the past few months and also alerted the govt about the atrocities of Assam and their high-handedness have just kept increasing over the past few months. 

Lyngdoh claimed that the government was silent and also ill-prepared and they took the issue lightly.

The Opposition has once again made its stance clear that if the government has again failed to reassert its authority and jurisdiction and control over the areas that fall under the jurisdiction of Meghalaya, then the right of people to live there is being suppressed. 

Alleging that the government has shoved away its responsibility, Lyngdoh said that despite the demand made by the local representative for a police outpost since 2018, the government kept delaying it.

Lyngdoh further reiterated that the Mukroh incident is a state subject. “Why would the state run from pillar to post asking for inquiries? Why can’t we use our own police force our own judicial system that is there in the state to bring these criminals to book?” asked Lyngdoh.

He added that the MDA govt has time and again instituted many commission inquiries but with no outcome. “People have been taken for granted so we should act with the powers that we have, rather than crying to Delhi or Guwahati,” said Lyngdoh.

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