Saket Gokhale and Conrad Sangma (left to right)

Shillong: Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma believes the media is wasting its time by asking questions about why he is not debating All India Trinamool Congress national spokesperson Saket Gokhale.

A visibly perturbed Sangma, when asked to clear it if the MDA government refuses to accept Gokhale’s challenge, “You tell me. Is it in any way relevant? Is it possible for the government to have a debate with anybody who comes up on social media, who says I want to have a debate with you? It’s a very unreasonable situation. So, I don’t think even the press should even venture into this line and should not even push this thing,” said Sangma.

“I think we are wasting the time of the press, wasting your space in the media …so I suggest not to talk about this anymore,” said Sangma.

Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong once again asked who ‘Saket Gokhale’ was. When asked if the MDA government is scared, Tynsong said “ We are not scared and this is not a question of hiding anything or not willing to accept the challenge. The question is why should we spend time with him?” 

Tynsong added that Gokhale is trying to say that he knows better than the Meghalaya people, and suggested the AITC national spokesperson spend more time talking in favour of his party in West Bengal.

When asked how he feels that Gokhale is challenging the government, Tynsong said, “ A person who does not have a job will challenge every day. So let him do that.”

Gokhale, in his challenge to the deputy chief minister, had said he had been in Shillong constantly over the last two months and witnessed irregularities first-hand. Responding to this, Tynsong mocked that he must be a magician and not a politician if he could assess things so quickly.

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