Meghalaya: KAM announces candidates for 2023 elections
Members from KAM will contest as independent candidates

Shillong: KAM, a democratic platform in Meghalaya, has announced Wanpynhun Kharsyntiew as its candidate from 16-Shillong Constituency for the upcoming 2023 Assembly Elections.

Kharsyntiew is a resident of Malki, Shillong, and has been at the forefront of fighting for the rights of domestic workers for the past 18 years.

She said that despite 50 years of statehood, the Government of Meghalaya has not been able to come up with a law in favour of workers of the unorganised sector.  

Wanpynhun Kharsyntiew is KAM’s candidate for the 2023 elections

Thma U Rangli Juki (TUR) leader Angela Rangad is also one of the candidates from KAM. Rangad informed that at present, KAM Meghalaya is a political platform and not a party since it hasn’t been registered. 

“As of now, there are three candidates from rural, and 11 from urban constituencies, North, South and East, Shillong. We will be independent candidates from this platform,” she said.

KAM believes it will counter money politics with ideas for meaningful development that is not lopsided and not reserved for a few privileged families.

“We are different from every party that is in the fray. You can check the track record of the work we have done. Our emphasis and our beliefs remain clear. It is about ensuring the greater common good for all to ensure that the rights of workers are guaranteed,” Rangad concluded.

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