Meghalaya chief minister Conrad K Sangma

Shillong: Meghalaya chief minister Conrad K Sangma on Wednesday termed the Leader of Opposition Dr Mukul Sangma’s statement on the Assam Meghalaya border pact as ridiculous and sad. 

This comes in the wake of Mukul Sangma stating that they will scrap the interstate boundary pact signed between the two states as it is flawed.

The chief minister said that it’s a pity looking at the kind of statement the TMC is making. 

Earlier, Mukul Sangma promised that the controversial border agreement signed by the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government with Assam will be burnt if the opposition (TMC) comes to power in the 2023 state elections. 

The CM reiterated that the Opposition did nothing about this long pending issue. He added that now when something has happened, they (TMC) just simply want to undo it because maybe they were not part of the actual solution then. 

“I don’t know why they are feeling this way. I think they should take it positively. And be happy that we finally found a solution to a very, very complicated problem like this,” added Conrad Sangma.

Responding to the allegations made by the Opposition referring to the proper surveys and the maps and the different kinds of revenue maps should have been looked at, the chief minister stated that the maps and the reports were made by them when they were in power.

“The reports submitted were reports that were put in by them, hence, if the revenue maps had to be seen, then they should have seen it in 2011 or 12. Now after the maps and studies and the service were done by the government of Meghalaya irrespective of Congress government or NPP, government or MDA government. The point is, that the government of Meghalaya, in 2011, went through the revenue maps, and submitted a report to Assam, saying that these are the areas of difference. And now those same people are saying that we should go back to the revenue map. Aren’t you, kind of negating your own work, the work that you did, the reports that you put in, now you’re telling us why did we accept those reports?” stated the chief minister.

Adding that it is quite strange that the opposition leader has made these kinds of allegations because if he is making allegations then he’s making allegations against himself. The CM once again reiterated that the MDA govt was not there when the reports were made. 

Calling it ridiculous, Sangma said that they didn’t make this an issue and now suddenly, maybe because elections are coming they’re trying to find what issues to bring up, and make it an election issue.

The chief minister urged the Opposition to look at development issues and different issues that are there concerning the people. 

Concerning the talks on the second phase, the chief minister informed that it is due to the flood situation hence it has come to a standstill. He added that they want to ensure they can provide relief to the people and bring back life to normalcy in affected areas and Assam is still badly affected. Sangma said that once it improves they will take the discussion forward.

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