vegetable prices soar

Shillong: The entire country is reeling under the burden of escalating prices essentials and Meghalaya is no exception. Residents are feeling the pocket pinch amid a sharp rise in prices of essential commodities over the past few months, making life difficult for common people.

Many believe the recent Assam floods are one of the prime reasons behind the massive surge in prices of essential commodities as it has affected agricultural productivity, resulting in less stock reaching the wholesale markets.

The second reason could be the surge in fuel prices.

A survey of the local markets by The Shillong Times revealed that the price of vegetables and meat increases proportionately with the increase in the distance of the local market from Iewduh, the largest traditional market in the state.

Tomatoes that were being sold for around Rs 35-40 per kg a few weeks ago are now selling at Rs 80-100; cabbage prices have doubled from Rs 30-40 to Rs 60-80; French beans are selling at a premium rate of Rs 100-120/kg as against Rs 50-60 earlier; lady’s finger or okra are priced at Rs 80-100 as compared to Rs 40-45; carrot prices have gone up from Rs 60-70 per kg to Rs 100 now; cauliflower prices have shot up from Rs 60 to Rs 80-100 per kg.

Besides, potatoes and onion have seen a hike of around Rs 10 per kg. 

Both potato and onion are now selling at Rs 30-35/kg in the local markets.

Meanwhile, there has been no respite for the majority of meat consumers as well. Pork has gone up to Rs 420 a kg while beef is now an exorbitant Rs 450-500 a kg while the meaty calf sells at Rs 600 a kg.

As per reports, Bengal, Bihar and Assam supply most vegetables to Shillong. 

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