Shillong: In a bid to provide job opportunities to educated youths in Meghalaya, the labour department along with the animal husbandry department plans to enrol educated youth into taking up livestock entrepreneurship.

The Government of India has introduced the National Livestock Mission (NLM) for entrepreneurship development and business skills development in the youth, especially among local farmers.

Under this Mission, a maximum of Rs 25 lakh, which will be as subsidy, will be given under the NLM if an individual is ready to take up poultry and livestock as an entrepreneur.

According to Principal Secretary, Animal and Husbandry, GHP Raju said that since there is a huge demand for meat in the state, they have projected this requirement to the Government of India from time to time.

“We have seen that our educated youth are looking for employment or self-employment and have nowhere else to go, so there is a need to create jobs,” said Raju.

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According to the department’s data, Meghalaya consumes around 90,000 metric tons of meat every year. The state has roughly around six lakh households. The beef consumption is roughly 28,000 MT, fish is roughly 33,000 MT, Pork is roughly 18,000 MT and poultry is roughly around 10,000 MT plus eggs, and other animals like ducks and mutton may roughly be 1000 MT. The GOI has identified four major aspects in Meghalaya- piggery, poultry, goats and feed and fodder manufacturing.

The mission will help an entrepreneur construct a poultry shed to house roughly around 2,000-3,000 birds, Raju added.

The major requirement is that the individual interested must have land for the construction of the sheds.

“I want to inform our educated youth that goat and sheep have tremendous market value across our international border, especially Bangladesh since it is next door. There is no ban on the export of mutton or the live goat or sheep to Bangladesh, and it is a huge goldmine if our educated youth take up goatery as a business model. So I invite our educated youth to look and consider this,” urged Raju.

GHP Raju added that livestock will transform the rural economy and that it is the hope of the state’s economy.

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