We will continue to support NPP-led govt in Meghalaya: BJP leader
 BJP leader Sanbor Shullai

Shillong: Lauding the people of Mizoram for their fighting spirit to protect their land, Meghalaya’s newly-inducted minister Sanbor Shullai has encouraged the residents of the state to display a similar attitude amid the border row with neighbouring Assam.

Speaking with media persons on Friday, Shullai said that the spirit of the people of Mizoram was seen in the recent violence over the inter-state boundary dispute. “It is because they love their identity, which really shows. The people and police were working together to protect themselves,” said Shullai.

Recalling Mizoram’s Rajya Sabha MP K Vanlalvena’s ‘kill them all’ remark, Shullai encouraged the people of Meghalaya to have the same kind of spirit.

“This spirit should be there with us too. The spirit of the public and police should change if Assam keeps on harassing our people in the border areas,” said Shullai.
He added that the time has arrived not only to talk and drink tea, which usually ends there, but also to act at the spot itself.

Asked if one should adopt violence, Shullai said, “We have to protect ourselves. If the enemy comes to our house and attacks our family, we have to attack in self-defence.”

When asked if it was legal, Shullai said if an enemy comes and attacks your family, you have to protect yourself, whether it’s legal or illegal.

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Shullai clarified that he wasn’t promoting violence but citing an example to have the spirit to protect the people and utilise the force in the state.

“The police should be at the front to talk with the Assam police. From time to time, we have always seen the police are behind and civilians are at the front. The higher-ups should give the order that police should be at the front to protect the people,” said Shullai.

His reaction came amid the recent clash at Iongkhuli village located at the border areas of Meghalaya and Assam.

Acknowledging that the Meghalaya-Assam boundary row is a long-pending issue, Shullai mentioned that no party has been able to solve this till now. He felt that they will have to do a post-mortem of the problem and work on it along with the chief minister in order to protect the people of the state.

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