Shillong: Congress MLA Mohendro Rapsang said the lockdown called by the Meghalaya government in the East Khasi Hills was ‘uncalled for’.

The government should have given time to the citizens to be mentally prepared, said Rapsang.

“I am concerned for the citizens, especially those under my constituency. There are many labourers and hawkers, so this lockdown has affected them,” said Rapsang.

The government’s announcement led to a panic situation among people, he said, adding that he received several distress calls from people in his constituency.

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“There were people who were stranded, while some were complaining about how they had a huge quantity of perishable goods which would go wasted,” mentioned Rapsang.

He stated that the government should have given the public some time. “They should have given the citizens at least a day or so, and informed them so that they prepare for the complete lockdown,” he added.

When asked about the government’s preparedness, Rapsang said that since last year, the government has been saying that they are ready, but looking at the situation now, it is evident they are not.

“Not even a single district is ready. The Shillong hospitals are getting occupied very fast. What is going to happen? Despite spending Rs 400-500 crore, they’re not ready,” said Rapsang.

Rapsang believes the government could have built a big COVID-19 hospital with the Rs 400-500 crore spent by the government. He advised the government to plan, and see what could be done.

He recalled how last year the common man suffered last year.

“This year people are managing with the little savings that they have. But now people will be left with no more savings and might lead to another calamity,” said Rapsang.

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