Shillong: Following an altercation between civilians at Mawshbuit and 58 Gorkha Training Centre (GTC) personnel, MLA Lambor Malngiang on Tuesday said he would raise the matter with Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to solve this issue once and for all.

Malngiang said that the incident which took place on Monday evening was uncalled for and that the armed forces should have maintained a cordial relationship and should have tried to control the situation.

According to Malngiang, the incident left four men injured.

Malngiang said, “This is not the first incident that has taken place in Meghalaya. We have discussed this with the district administration. The armed forces forcefully disturb the civilians who have to pass through the main entrance of GTC. This is the fourth or fifth incident that has taken place in the past many years.”

He recalled that the first instance faced by residents of Madanryting where the Assam Regiment forcefully encroached the lands of the public.

“Today we have noticed in past two and a half months the same kind of issue came up with the residents of Mylliem. The Air Force officials have stopped the road which is used by the public to travel to the market. We have taken it up and somehow managed to resolve it. How many times do we have to sit with the district administration and the armed forces to discuss these issues?” said Malngiang.

He further added that he will soon seek an appointment with Union Defence Minister to apprise him of these issues.

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He said that there should be a solution to this whole problem by identifying demarcation that public road should not be disturbed shortly and peace harmony should be maintained between the civilians and armed forces.

Earlier, on Monday evening, residents of Mawshbuit were prevented from entering the gates of GTC and were left stranded for several hours. The GTC personnel had closed the gates, irking the residents of Mawshbuit.

The number of people started increasing when they were left stranded outside the gate for several hours. The police and magistrates were deployed immediately to avoid the situation going out of hand.

With the intervention of the district administration, the GTC personnel eventually opened the gates.

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