Shillong: National People’s Youth Front (NPYF), the youth wing of the ruling National People’s Party (NPP) has condemned a letter by the United Democratic Party (UDP) demanding the resignation of Power Minister James Sangma.

UDP is one of the coalition partners of the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government. Party general secretary Jemino Mawthoh on Monday had written to Chief Minister Conrad Sangma urging the removal of the power minister.

Opposing the letter, NPYF president Nicky Nongkhlaw asked why Mawthoh was only bothered about the power department and not other issues.

Nongkhlaw said, “Mr Mawthoh has been a silent spectator of politics all this while, suddenly found a good opportunity to gain political mileage.”

He added that ousting a people’s elected representative and an administrative head does not solve any problem. Rather, it delays solutions. “Under Mr Mawthoh’s paradigm, MeECL would have been a headless chicken without a leadership to negotiate with the situation, thereby delaying difficulties furthermore,” stated Nongkhlaw.

Meanwhile, UDP MLAs Lahkmen Rymbui and Kyrmen Shillong (Cabinet Ministers) said they had nothing to do with Mawthoh’s letter.

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Rymbui said that the letter has no connection with the party. He added that he was not aware and was not consulted about the letter to the CM.

Kyrmen Shylla also cited the same and mentioned that they are yet to sit for a party meeting. Shylla added that James Sangma alone cannot be blamed since it’s an alliance. He also lauded his colleagues, stating that the power minister had worked hard to resolve the state’s power crisis.

Mawthoh had written a letter to the CM on March 22. “ In view of the ongoing series of financial bankruptcy and other financial and administrative mismanagement in the power department, plunging the state into an unprecedented power shutdown, affecting the normal life in the state in general, UDP urges your good office to relieve the power Minister and the current CMD of MeECL from their current positions with immediate effect.”

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