Govt asks central universities to fill up vacant posts of teachers in 'mission mode'
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Shillong: Meghalaya has 386 secondary schools that are government-aided, with a total of 2,139 teachers.

In the upper primary level, there are 844 government-aided schools with a total of 3,376 upper primary teachers. There are a total of 1,225 lower primary government-aided schools with a total of 2,450 teachers.

There are, however, only five adhoc teachers in the 386 secondary schools of the state.

Number of schools
Number of adhoc teachers

While the current monthly salary of adhoc teachers for lower primary is Rs 12,000 per month per teacher, an adhoc upper primary head-teacher earns Rs 18,000 a month, and an assistant adhoc teacher earns Rs 16,000 a month. The adhoc secondary level salary is Rs 20,000 a month.

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The salaries for all the levels became effective on September 1, 2016. Before revision, an adhoc lower primary teacher earned Rs 6,000 a month, the adhoc upper primary head-teacher earned Rs 9000 and the assistant teacher earned Rs 8,000. The adhoc secondary level teacher earned Rs 10,000.

The figures were given during the ongoing Meghalaya Assembly session on Wednesday, in response to a question raised by MLA Syntar Klas Sunn, who asked if the government intended to revise the salaries of adhoc teachers since it has been four years.

Responding to the question, education minister Lahkmen Rymbui said the process of enhancement of salaries for adhoc school teachers is under examination and that the government was working on it.

Rymbui said there is no proposal on the part of the government to bring government-aided schools into a deficit system, emphasising the financial crisis of the state. He said that to make the salaries of adhoc teachers equivalent to government school teachers would not be possible, since there will be an additional expenditure of Rs 251 crore.

Rymbui said that at present the salary paid to the adhoc school teachers amounts to an expenditure of about Rs 181 crore.

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