So far, over 19,000 people have returned to the state amid COVID-19 crisis
So far, over 19,000 people have returned to the state amid COVID-19 crisis|Representational image

Job crisis in Meghalaya may increase crime rate: Planning Board

Concerned over employment crisis, State Planning Board chairman Lambor Malngiang to meet Meghalaya CM Conrad K Sangma on July 7

Princess Giri Rashir

Princess Giri Rashir

Shillong: While over 19,000 people have returned to Meghalaya due to the coronavirus pandemic, the concern over employment crisis has now caught the attention of the chairman of the State Planning Board, Lambor Malngiang.

Fearing that the employment crisis in the state will continue to multiply, Malngiang is concerned that this may lead to a rise in crime in the state.

“We have seen several people returning to the state who were working and were employed in different sectors and are now jobless. We need to take an urgent call on this matter,” said Malngiang.

He added that a meeting will be held with CM Conrad K Sangma on July 7, particularly over the employment problem.

“We have noticed that it is multiplying, we have educated unemployed youth. They had to leave their jobs and return to their states. Now we fear if we can’t take a call on this issue, crime rate will increase. And if crime rate will increase, it will be out of our hands to control the situation,” said Malngiang.

Suggesting that first and foremost, the Block Development Officers should register all the names of the returnees and collect the data and see what their professions are.

Malngiang stressed on the need to set up a Skill Training University in the state, hoping for a positive outcome of the meeting which will take place on July 7.

He also emphasised that he will try to ensure that it doesn’t just end at the training institution.

“We want to ensure that this doesn’t just end at the training programmes. I would like to suggest to the government that in the coming days, at least after they complete their training, we should find ways how to support them financially. We have to frame a new policy to have a dialogue with the different banks and financial institutions so that we can support them in moving forward,” added Malngiang.

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