Meghalaya so far has a total tally of 27 COVID-19 cases
Meghalaya so far has a total tally of 27 COVID-19 cases|File Image

Will Meghalaya government impose a fine for not wearing masks?

Wearing masks is the responsibility of each and every citizen of the state. It is not necessary that the government has to step in: Prestone Tynsong

Princess Giri Rashir

Princess Giri Rashir

Shillong: Meghalaya government may have made wearing masks mandatory but the state government does not feel the need to impose fine on people for not wearing it.

On Friday several relaxations were introduced in the state as per Lockdown 4.0 norms, citizens are once again out on the streets with a majority wearing masks.

Several states have now imposed fines for not wearing masks. In neighbouring Assam, the Hailakandi police raised Rs 60,000 in fines for not wearing masks on a single day.

When asked if the state is mulling to impose fines, Deputy chief minister Prestone Tynsong said that wearing of masks is mandatory and a responsibility of each and every citizen. The government, therefore, does not feel it necessary to impose a penalty.

“That is why I keep reminding and requesting the citizens let us take care of ourselves, no one can take care of us unless we do it by ourselves. The fight against this virus is not the government alone but the fight is of each and every citizen of the state,” said Tynsong.

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